pulse epi

  1. pulse epi

    weeks 1-5: m-w-f 20mg
    weeks 6-10 m-w-f- 30mg

    is 20mg too low?

  2. Any answer has to be personal to you. Running that long I'd keep the doses on the lower end.

    For me at 210lbs I felt 30mg epi pulse was nice. Sides were mild. My 2nd run i did 40 on and 20 off days, and quit because my blood pressure was scaring me.

    My BP elevated 20-30 systolic so keep an eye on it. I'm not sure if running 150 bp for 6 weeks is a big deal or not but I'm doing more research before I try again.

  3. asking the stupid meatheads for more advice trackdud?

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