Myopharma? anyone know much about this company?

  2. dude how many threads are you gonna make asking if certain products are good or not? Do the damn research yourself jeez.

  3. I believe iForce worked with them to launch some items; however, that can be viewed differently from person to person (good or bad). I have not seen any reviews on their products, or any COAs. I would stick with Board Sponsors. And plus, 75% of their line are the items that are going to be illegal to have/purchase come January 2010.

  4. Thanks Iron Lungz I appreciate the response. Wolverine, dude I am just trying to get some feedback so I don't blow a s**t load of money on crap. I go by real people and their experiences instead of bulls**t ads, and I did do research on them and all I gt was what Lungz just told me.

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