3 choices sitting in front of me....

  1. 3 choices sitting in front of me....

    well just getting back into the game after aprox 10 yrs ( patric arnold was just starting his chemical career), I have sitting on my desk:

    cycle assist
    200 mg caffien pills
    liver pills ( milk thistle)

    currently looking for my PCT , which one of these would be a good start for a new cycle, I'm 39, 5'11, 202 lbs, probaly 15% bf, my goal is to gain a muscle ( who's isn't), put on some bulk, but cut at the same time, from what i've been reading the last month or so, I'm leaning towards :

    h-drol /cycle assist / milk thistle/ followed by a pct

    or even safer : x-tren/cycle assist/milk thistle followed by pct..

    any thoughts?

  2. My vote would be H-drol.

  3. oh I forgot one other stano-drol ( not much talk about this one)

  4. mdrol and tren

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