so the trend now is m1t w/ 4ad huh?

  1. so the trend now is m1t w/ 4ad huh?

    i bought a bottle of m1t from kilsports several months ago (when it first came out and was backordered) and i was wondering if it was in my best interest to get ahold of 4ad? it looks like its a common stack now but i wonder if it's actually necessary. i noticed less people complaining about lethargy and back pain when stacked with 4ad correct?

  2. Well, I've tried both. I did 20mgs of M1T with 800mgs of trans 4AD ed and gained about 16 lbs in 10 days, lost most of the weight afterwards but strength kept climbing thanks to M5AA. Tried 10mgs of M1T solo and gained about 4 lbs in 7 days and lost nothing afterwards. With the combo stack, I had an acne attack and my lower back hurt all the time. With the solo stack, I just made lean gains, had no negative sides, and kept all gains. So, in conclusion, I don't feel the 4AD is necessary but I definately made bigger gains with the 4AD and I believe that if it wasn't for the M5AA I would have kept most of the weight gain with the strength increases. Damn, I hope this isn't confusing, it's all jumbled up.

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