1st Sustanon 250 Cycle w/ Prog/Pics

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  1. 1st Sustanon 250 Cycle w/ Prog/Pics

    Hello all, I am 21, 200lbs. roughly 17%bf, about to run my first Sustanon 250 cycle. I have 50 caps of nolva at 20mg. for PCT, cycle is as follows (from my research this is the best) .7cc EOD. for 10 weeks, run low dose of nolva during week 3 or if gyno occurs. and 8-10 after last inject @ 40mg/day

    Mon: .7cc
    Wed: .7cc
    Fri: .7cc
    Sun: .7cc
    Tues: .7cc
    Thurs: .7cc
    Sat: .7cc

    REPEAT for 10 weeks.

    Also I had a few question that weren't cleared up in my research:
    Can I or should I up the pins to 1cc EOD? during the MIDDLE of the cycle and then back down again?
    Should I run EOD the whole cycle? or drop to 2cc a week Mon/Thurs?

    Advice would be AWESOME, the internet is scattered to **** on these Sustanon cycles

    Here are some BEFORE pics: 5"9, 200lbs. 17% bf
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  2. From what I have read go 1ml EOD or ever third day. Sus is mostly long esters but dose have some short ones. Some people say u can do 2x wk like M H. But think EOD would be the best at 1ml. See what others say.

  3. thats running 750mg a week roughly, right? I'll see what others have to say, but I can probably do 1cc EOD. Its the Prop that has about 2 days, so def EOD or M/H

  4. too young.

    good luck

  5. The other day i saw sust mentioned and I've been running sust and the prop component is overrated. So you've got 250mg/mL, it's 30mg prop, 60mg phenylprop, 60mg isocaproate, and 100mg decanoate. The prop is 12% of the weight. It's a very small component and even so it has a ~4 day half life so I think injecting MWF is more than sufficient and is easier to handle than EOD. Even twice a week would be fine, I am sure. I have been running 1mL MWF for 750mg ew and to the best of my ability to judge, it seems the kicking in is still occuring and I'm at the end of the 4th week.
    I really feel the ability of the propionate ester to accumulate is miniscule. At EOD with .7mL of prop you're at (30mg/mL)(.7mL)(3x/week) = 73.5mg/week
    It's peanuts compared to how much gear you're pushing total (612.5mg/week)

    Anyway i considered EOD but choose MWF out of convenience but my point is that the perceived necessity so inject sust to frequently is probably very overstated.

    Cycle looks good enough anyway. You're lower than 17% bodyfat too probably closer to 14%
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  6. So are you saying I should stick with MWF, STHS, @ 1cc EOD or do MWF, MWF? or .7cc.

  7. I think .7mL eod works just great. I would probably do something like .8mL MWF just because to me it seems far more convenient. For me MWF is easier to remember and my syringes measure out in .2mL increments so I can measure .8mL easier than I could measure out .7mL.
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    Don't post on my profile, I don't read that stuff, PM me instead
    <------ Hard to believe, but I wasn't on any anabolics in the avatar shot

  8. Sounds good I'll keep you guys posted with pics/diets/routines.

  9. Best of Luck my man! Is this your first cycle?

  10. yeah, trained for a good 4-5 years prior, put on a TON of natural muscle, was about 150, now at like 200. So looking forward to this, hopin to be up at like 215 by the end of this cycle and maybe drop a few bf %'s.

  11. yeah good luck with the cycle,will be watching. I'm thinking of running something like that myself.

  12. got a good feeling about this - good luck
    Back.... for real this time

  13. i think the perfect way to run sust is mwf at 1cc for 750mg a week.. there is such a small amount of prop in sust... i feel like it gets wasted most of the time... i mean 30mg of prop 3 times a week is basically worthless .. so with the mwf split u get about 660mg of all esters but prop.. which is pretty good... just my opinoun

  14. Man, you are already pretty big, you are going to get massive!

    SUB'D I wanna see pics...

  15. good luck bro..keep us updated

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Cordwood View Post
    Def 15% or less. Subd
    agreed. subbed. get big bro!

  17. Question: My nolvadex came vaccuum sealed in a plastic bag, they are 20mg each and are identical to the Red RPM Capsules. I was wondering if this is legit? I can't find pictures of nolvadex coming in red capsules, I most am seeing them online in tablet form not capsule form.

  18. yeah, I'd guess closer to 12%, I was measured at 10% and I wasn't that much leaner than you in that pic.

    also, I'd run the clomid/nolva during PCT and run some arimidex during cycle. estrogen bloat sucks. I also run finasteride a little when on test >500mg to help with prostate and hair line. doesn't take much.

    good luck man

  19. Nice ass in that poster!

  20. Ok question: If i run nolva into my 3rd week of the cycle for an Anti-E...Should i take 20mg EOD or once a week, until i start my PCT around week 9-15 which will be Everyday @ 20mg for week 9 and 10, then when off my cycle, EOD for 5 weeks...but again i want to know how much to take DURING cycle at week 3 to keep gains as dry as possible.

  21. dude u dont use nolva as an ai.. its a serm... use arimidex or aromasin.. ... i think your confused...and what are u talking about using nolva once week.. u dont use nolvadex untill 3 weeks after your done with your cycle... this is because sust has a long ester test that needs 3 weeks to clear...alot of ppl use a oral to bridge to pct during this time.. some ppl decide to run nolva on cycle as needed if gyno had already formed.. but an ai will take care of this and is less harsh on the liver, it will also keep u dry but nolvadex has nothing to do with keeping u dry

  22. Yeah my bad, I have 50, .25 mg Tabs of Anastrazol, what dosage and for how long do you suggest i take them?

  23. I'm in, good luck, and EAT LIKE A MOFO!
    Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  24. take .25 eod of arimidex


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