Test e/Dbol Cycle Overview

  1. Test e/Dbol Cycle Overview

    I am ordering my supplements soon and I was wondering if these sound good or would I need anything else that I wouldnt be able to find at your local GNC.... 30 ml test e 250mg/ml... 112 10mg dianabol....30 30mg clomid.. and 50 50mg nolva..

    Along with glucosamine, creatine, formex, multivitamin, protein, milk thistle, and what other supplements would also be beneficial.

    running the test for 12 weeks and the dbol for 5 weeks


  2. maybe more dbol. no need for glucoso test and dbol are wet not dry
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  3. you suggest more orals? empirically that doesn't make sense because of liver and kidney toxicity.. I'm just using it to jumpstart my cycle until the test kicks in... all that aside what were you thinking increased dosage or length of ingestion

  4. looks good to me

  5. doing it

  6. How much you looking to put on. I thinking of running this next year depending on what size I get to from pH's


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