insulin, powerFULL, tren(oral)

  1. insulin, powerFULL, tren(oral)

    with pct included it will be about an 8 week cycle.
    this is not my first cycle, although it will be my first cycle with tren..

    i will be running tren for weeks 1-4(any dosing suggestions?)
    I will be using insulin(humalog) for weeks 1-4( post workout 2-4 iu's weeks 1 and 2, 5 iu's post work out weeks 3 and 4, yes i know all about the meals and have done much research))
    i will be running powerFULL 6 days on 1 day off for weeks 1-3

    My PCT will be a product called Test Revolution and a L-Carnitine liquid.

    My diet will consist of 5-6 meals a day and about 4500+ kcal per day(for more details please ask) This includes a mass gainer called Complete mass 600 weeks 1-4 and then switching to Cytogainer with PCT

    i love advice and constructive criticism so bring it on

  2. u need a serm, tbooster , ai.

    run powerfull for longer and take it on pct as well.

    5iu is bare minimum to start with not 2-4. its 1 iu per 20lbs i belive?

    what tren?

    use a diff insulin u want humulin R i belive it last 4-6 hrs.
    ~ IRON LIVERô________ *[It's just advice man, that's all it is! You can take or do whatever the FCUK you wanna do!]

  3. u need a serm, tbooster , ai.

    run powerfull for longer and take it on pct as well.

    5iu is bare minimum to start with not 2-4. its 1 iu per 20lbs i belive?

    what tren?

    use a diff insulin u want humulin R i belive it last 4-6 hrs.

    what is a serm? ai? i have a pct test booster if thats what youre refering to
    i have unlimmited free humalog from a diabetic friend so thats all i can get
    tren(oral) is a pro hormone

  4. if you do not know what a serm is you shouldnt be taking that ****

  5. i am not taking it until february. i am currently in another stack.

    i am trying to plan ahead so i dont screw myself up

    since you didnt answer my question(what is serm?) il go look it up myself

  6. Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) Compounds that bind with estrogen receptors and exhibit estrogen action in some tissues and anti-estrogen action in other tissues. The ideal SERM would deliver all the benefits of estrogen without the adverse effects. ex: Clomiphene Citrate (Marketed as Clomid or Serophene). Tamoxifen (Marketed as Nolvadex).

    Aromatise Inhibitor (AI) Aromatase inhibitors exhibit a very different mechanism of action than SERM’s. Aromatase inhibitors prevent the conversion of androgens into estrogen in fat, muscle, breast, and brain. ex: Anastrazole (brand name Arimidex). FEMARA (letrozole tablets).

    thats what i found

    does that sound right?

    if so yes that does sound extremely important and very familiar...

    it sounds like PCT to me but is it intra cycle/post cycle/both??

    is it legal?

    would they sell it at the same place i buy my PH's/Supplements??

  7. serm is short or selective estrogen receptor modulator
    the most commonly used are tamoxifen and clomid
    it prevents estrogen after steroid use
    so you dont get gyno and to try to restart your bodies testosterone production

    its both if you have an aromatizing compound
    but most steroids and phs dont aromatize and so its usually just pct

  8. ohh ok ive heard of those products before but i didnt recognize the label: SERM


    would a serm be necessary for a stack like this?
    If so when should i take it during the stack?

  9. serm = yes. what tren are u running like what brand and what dosages are u using

  10. serms are technically not legal without a lab or without a prescription
    you wont find it in a supplement store
    youll only find it prescription or sold as a research chemical

    i personally dont recommend insulin
    if you dont know what you doing you can easily kill yourself taking insulin

    also what kind of tren are we talking about ?
    give me the manufacture and the chemical composition

    also yeah

  11. Insulin is the most anabolic hormone you can take. On the other hand its also one of the most dangerous for two reasons availability and ignorance. I will be the first to tell you that every time I have been hypoglycemic (when blood sugar drops to dangerous levels) its has been as a result of something I did wrong. Used responsibility and with respect for the potential sides it is quite safe and extremely effective. That being said we'll start off with what you are going to need.

    There are several types of insulin out there but for our purposes we are only interested in two. The first being my favorite Humulin R and the other being a bit newer to the body building community Humalog.

    Humulin R is the most widely used and time tested insulin in our arsenal. It has a max duration of 4hrs and its peak can been seen around 2hrs after injection. This becomes particularly important when planning out you meals for the day so keep the timetables in mind.

    Humalog is a bit newer but some feel just as effective and a bit safer. Humalog has a max duration of 2hrs and its peak can be seen around 1hr after injection. When selecting to use one or the other keep in mind your schedule, meals, and physical activity for the day as it will all play a role. One other point that needs mentioning is that Humulin R is available over the counter at pretty much every pharmacy in the country for about $25 for 10ml (which will last you a very long time) and Humalog is available only through a prescription or over the black market for a price about double that of Humulin R. When approaching a pharmacist keep in mind that its a lot more convincing if you buy the needles at the same time you get the insulin. This way they are less likely to refuse to sell it to you which they have been known to do from time to time. If this should happen just continue on to the next pharmacy and despite what they tell you "you dont need a prescription" it might be their store policy to see one but legally it is not required and if you make enough of a fuss you will get what you need.

    The next thing you will need is the actual needles for injection. These are not the same type that you would use for anabolics or other androgens. The type of needles you will need are U100 insulin needles. That is exactly what you need to say when are trying to buy them. A box of 100 will usually run about $15-$25 and again will last you quite a while. Be fore warned now, using a syringe labeled with cc/ml or anything other than u100 is potentially fatal. The difference between the amount of insulin used for our purpose and that which will kill you is less than 1/2 a cc.

    The next two things I think you will need and I highly recommend having on you is a wrist watch with a chronograph (stopwatch) and glucose tabs and/or a can of soda. First I'll explain the wrist watch. The stop watch is to be started immediately after the injection and monitored periodically to keep track of what is in your body and how long it is active. This can also be used to determine whether or not you are feeling side effects or simply just nerves from the fear that follows using for the first time. For instance I always use Humulin R which we know has a duration of 4 hours and a peak at 2 hours. This means that the greatest effects will be felt somewhere between 1-1/2 to 2 hours after injection and then they will steadily lessen till it is no longer active 4 hours after injection. When you use a stopwatch you have an accurate record of when you felt the effects which will become more important as you get more experienced using insulin. The glucose tabs are your safety net. If you are feeling hypo (hypoglycemic) these tabs will return your blood sugar levels to a safe range where you can get some food. They are available at all pharmacies for about $1.00. I have also used a soda. Soda is high in simple carbs which act quickly when blood sugar is low and allow you to get to a safe range where you can get some food in you. Now that we've covered all the equipment needed to safely use insulin we'll move on to dosage diet and scheduling.

    Dosage diet and scheduling:
    Whenever you start insulin its always wise to start at a lower dose and taper up over the first couple of days of use. Insulin is still new in our community and there is a potential for becoming diabetic so dont take chances start small more is not better where insulin is concerned more is simply more fat and more dangerous. This is a schedule I use when just starting insulin:

    day1: 5iu's post workout
    day2: 6iu's post workout
    day3: 7iu's post workout
    day4: 8iu's post workout
    day5: 9iu's post workout
    day6: 10iu's post workout
    day7: same as day 6

    This concludes week once from here on out this is how I proceed. If I am going to be increasing my dose even further.

    day8-10: 10iu's morning, 10iu's post workout
    day11-14: 10iu's morning, 10iu's noon, 10iu's post workout
    day15 and on: increase post workout dose till I start to feel symptoms of hypoglycemia and then back the dose down accordingly. THIS IS ONLY FOR ADVANCED USERS, DONT EXCEED THE DAY 7 DOSE TILL YOU GET SOME TIME UNDER YOUR BELT. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU WILL DIE!!!

    Your diet will depend on the amount of slin you take per injection. The rule is 10 grams of carbs per IU of insulin. Therefore if you take 10iu's at an injection you need 100 grams of carbs. This is a bit overkill the actual figure is about 5-7 grams but its best to stick with the 10 rule while starting out. I feel that the best most accurate way to consume the proper amount of carbs after an injection is through MRP's or other shakes. The amounts of carbs on these are far more accurate than those you will find on the back of a bread bag. My meals are usually layed out like this:

    7am: 10iu's insulin, shake
    9am: shake
    12pm: 10iu's insulin, lunch
    2pm: shake
    4pm: shake
    6pm: workout
    7pm: 10iu's insulin, shake, higher in carbs than others
    9pm: dinner
    11pm: safe for bed

    If you'll notice there is a method to the madness above. After taking your first injection if insulin you will need a shake immediately. After this you are good for the next 2 hrs till the insulin peaks. Once you hit the 2hr mark you will need more carbs either another shake or a meal with sufficient carbs. After you have cleared the 4hr mark you will be clear from danger. Now this is all based on using Humulin R. If you are using Humalog you will need to take your first meal after injection and another "1hr" after. Then after the 2hr mark you will be safe. My shakes are made up of 1/2 pack of MetRX (berry) and 2 scoops GNC brand weight gainer (vanilla) and 16oz of whole milk. This shake has a caloric value of about 800 cals and around 50grams of protein and 150+grams of carbs. This is a good meal for those starting out. As you progress though you will want to decrease the carbs and eliminate the fat completely to maximize lean mass gains and minimize water and fat retention but for the purposes of starting out simply taking T3 will offset any fat gained. One thing to keep in mind is that T3 will reduce your sensitivity to insulin allowing you to take a higher dose but again save this till you get some more time in.

    Side effects and procedures:
    After injection and starting your stopwatch your first task is to get some carbs in. Next the first sides you will feel is tired. This is normal and is to be expected. You will usually feel this somewhere between 15-30 minutes after your injection. The key here is not to sleep, if you sleep you wont feel further more dangerous sides and therefore you wont be able to save your ass. The next thing you need to do is have another meal/shake at the 2hr mark. If you miss this just get it in as soon as possible. If you delay long enough you will start to feel hypo around 3 to 3-1/2 hours after injection. When this happens you will feel a sort of numbness that I can only relate to ephedrine. After this you will start to get some shakes in your hands followed by a cold sweat. Once you get to this point you are full blown hypo, the next thing that will follow will be a bit of tunnel vision and this is as far as I’ve been after this its all textbook I imagine coma will follow shortly after passing out. When you get the symptoms listed above don’t hesitate. Get some soda/glucose tabs followed by a meal or shake. One other fact I neglected to mention is that a mix of carbs is necessary when consuming a meal. Simple carbs are used to quickly and complex don’t kick in fast enough. A good mix is the way to go.

    This is pretty much a beginners guide to getting started on insulin. If you have any questions either post them on the board or email me. No question is stupid when it comes to a potentially fatal drug. Good luck and get huge.


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