Formex During a Non-Aromitizing Cycle

  1. Formex During a Non-Aromitizing Cycle

    I'm thinking of experimenting with Formex (oral Formestane) as I've heard a lot of good feedback about it. What I was wondering, however, is can it be used DURING a non-aromitizing cycle? For example, to keep libido elevated, or as a sort of HCG replacement to allow for faster better recovery during PCT.

    Does this even make sense, as Formex works by inhibiting estrogens negative effects on the hypothalamus, correct? In a non-aromitizing cycle there would presumably be shutdown of endogenous T production, thus no (appreciable) levels of estrogen. Given this low estrogen environment, would Formex be able to stimulate any T production or have any beneficial effects on keeping the testicles more responsive to stimulation after the cycle (during PCT)?



  2. people still get estrogen sides on non-aromatizing cycles. i've gotten estrogen-based gyno from the epi compound, and slight irritation from halodrol and superdrol. I don't have an explanation for this but clearly estrogen levels are affected even if the compound itself doesn't aromatize. running an OTC ai with these compounds helped mitigate those sides. but i doubt an AI will do anything good for your libido, or prevent suppression. i would only take it if you are highly prone to estro gyno.

  3. i'd also note that taking an AI makes me feel rundown and generally crappy.

  4. Tagio, thanks for the insight.

    I think what's going on here is that even during a very suppressive cycle T levels perhaps never truly reach zero--there's still some (however slight) T left in the system. In the meantime the body has sensed low estrogen levels (due to low T levels), and has responded by upregulating the aromatase enzyme and, or, upregulating estrogen receptors. Thus, what T is left is now aromatized at a MUCH greater rate, and there is a greater concentration of estrogen receptors.

    So, I think I answered my own question: it does look like Formex could be useful during a non-aromatizing cycle IF you're prone to gyno. However, I still wonder if Formex on cycle could help with maintaining the responsiveness of the testes post cycle.




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