Suggestions on plan of please!

  1. Suggestions on plan of please!

    Ok so first things first...I have some minor residual gyno in both nipples...not terrible..but I think it was from using tren in 3 cycles in a row..which leads me to believe it's progestin related.

    I am planning a 6 week superdrol/tren cycle. I just placed an order for some clomid, letro, and dostinex

    Should I take the dostinex before I start my cycle, and then clomid and letro (and diesel test hardcore) in PCT? or should I save the dostinex for PCT? or should I run it during my cycle?

    Right now I'm leaning towards...

    Weeks 1-4:
    Cabergoline - .5 mg's

    Weeks 3-4:
    X mass - 80 mg's
    Canergoline - .5 mg's

    Weeks 5-8:
    Superdrol - 20, 20, 30, 30
    X mass - 40 mg's
    Trenadrol - 60 mg's

    Weeks 9-12:
    Clomid - 100, 100, 50, 50
    Letro - 2.5 mg's
    Diesel Test Hardcore - 4, 4, 3, 3

    Weeks 12-?
    Diesel Test Hardcore - 2 a day til gone
    (maybe an otc A.I. to help prevent any estro rebound)

    How's this look? Any comments/help/criticism will be greatly appreciated and considered.

  2. On second thought (actually more like 2,000th) I'm thinking that the following would be better for the following reasons...

    Weeks 1-4:
    Cabergoline - .5 mg's

    Weeks 5-8:
    Superdrol - 20, 20, 30, 30
    X mass - 40, 40, 80, 80
    Trenadrol - 60 mg's
    (Cabergoline?) .5mg's? 1 mg? higher?

    Weeks 9-10:
    X mass - 80 mg's

    The x-mass is the 19 nor version not the 13-ethyl...but I think I agree with the side for the theory of holding on to big superdrol gains for longer by extending the rear end of the cycle with just tren as opposed to having it at the front. Any thoughts? anyone? anything?

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