First off, I'm very prone to freckles, i have brown hair and brown eyes but a red beard, which matches my skin of having massive freckles on my shoulders but not many in other places because I rarely go out in the sun or tan because of knowing I will get freckles and the tan will go away... not worth it to me.

So I start seeing these, what i thought were moles, show up on my upper left bicep, the side that gets exposed to sun.. I go to the skin doctor and she tells me that they are just freckles.. Well I start looking at my skin day to day and sure enough there are small freckles showing up in places I've never seen freckles before.

For the record, Formestane is amazing, the CEL version anyway, I really hate that I have to stop. I was on 2 squirts in the morning and 2 at night, it really dried me out, made me feel awesome, and I gained good size.

I was also on, LongJack 1:100. testofen, ControlledLabs OrangeTriad, and random powerful antioxidents like idebenone, r-ALA, green tea.

I most likely should've been on and am hoping it helps my skin and makes these freckles go away - Omega3's/EFA's.

Side note- I also started taking hyperdrolx2 a little bit during this cycle so I could use less formestane, this resulted in me getting too much DHT symptoms such as swollen prostate and hair shedding. I stopd that very quickly. Took 1 pill twice a day for 2-3 days.

I did have a big black freckle/mole on the back of my thigh that the Doctor used a scope on and said if it gets any bigger to come back and they would do a biopsy. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to man up and do a Test-e cycle or one of these X-tren bottles I bought while using HCG to keep my testicles going. I was using Formestane because I wanted a light anabolic that didn't shut me down. Of course at higher doses it could and would shut you down just like anything.