P-Plex with OTC pct?

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    P-Plex with OTC pct?

    would an "over the counter" pct stacked with PCT ASSIST be suitable enough to handle a 10/20/20/30 cycle of CEL PPLEX?

    I keep bumping into threads from 2005-2007, which lean both ways, so someone knowledgeable figure this out!

  2. why risk it? do it correctly and use a SERM for PCT. and u'll def need to up that dose...30-40mg is the sweet spot for most

  3. Yeah and look at 6 wks too gains really pickup wk 3 4 and 5 little lag in kickin.

    Def serm in my book. Just ran mdrol with pplex checkout log

  4. phera is one of which, that I would not bet on otc pct.

    If otc pct is the ultimate choice, choose something else.

  5. That is not a chance I would take. A SERM with a natty test booster would be a safer way to go.
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