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  1. Question When to take help...

    Hi guys!

    I'm kind of new in this stuff but I'm starting a 1AD/4AD 4 weeks stack. I'm going to start with 200mg of 1AD and 600mg of 4AD in the 1st week and increase the 1AD to 400mg on the following weeks. My doubt is knowing the best time to take the caps. My height is 67.32in and I weight 157lbs and I work out in the morning. A friend told me to take 1AD at breakfast, 4AD at lunch, 1AD mid afternoon and 4AD at dinner. What do you guys think?

    Thank you all!

  2. My advice to you is to stick around here and read....alot.
    Look at past threads and see what has worked for other people
    The compounds you are using are out of date and there are much more effective products out.

  3. I've read the FAQ already. I've tried to do a search and I've found nothing. I'm doing this cycle because it's my 1st one and I wanted to see how my body reacts to PH's. And I'm on Europe, so it's much more difficult to get that kind of stuff here...

  4. Nice to see a newbie give 1-ad a try before jumping straight into M-1-T! Welcome to the board. Your cycle looks solid for somebody new to PHs. To answer your question, it doesn't make much of a difference when you take them, I would just try to spilt the dosages up over the course of the day so that they are constantly running through your body. So for example, if you were to take 300 mgs a day, take one morning, one afternoon, one night. Some people like to take their dosages right before bed so that lethargy won't be a problem and they can just fall asleep, but since you have the 4-ad, lethargy probably shouldn't be a problem.

    Good luck dude. My advice to you is to just sit in front of your computer and read!

  5. Thanks 4 your support. I've done a lot of research in other forums and webpages before I even consider taking them... It seems it wasn't enough! I'm kind of scare with this, but I'm trying to do things right. By the way, some people say not to take ZMA during the cycle, what do you think? I think I'm going to continue taking it. For post-cycle that's for sure. 6OXO, zma and tribulus...

    Thanks once again!

  6. Well as far as PCT goes, toss your trib and zma, the 6 oxo should be fine for a 1ad/4ad stack but the general concensus around here is to use either Nolva or Clomid for PCT. You can find both at powernutrition.net.
    good luck - keep reading

  7. But for clomid or nova I have to pinn right?

  8. you don't pin nolva or clomid. they either come in tabs or liquid (oral) solution.

  9. But for the 1AD/4AD 6OXO it's allright? I have it already...

  10. I think 6 oxo should be fine for your cycle

  11. 1ad has a real short half life & is recommended to take 3 times/day. IMO, 200mg is too low a dose anyway, even at your size. I would up it to 300mg & take 3 times a day, then increase as needed. You should split the 4ad into divided doses as weel. It's recommended to take 1 of the doses an hour before training so you get the boost from it. I see no reason to separate it from the 1ad in dosing.

    I agree that nolva/clomid is best. Your cycle is pretty moderate & 6-oxo should do the trick. You will need 1.5- 2 bottles for one pct that will run you about $65. You would only need half of a $40 bottle of nolva.


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