m1t back problems

  1. m1t back problems

    Hey, I have been having a problem lately... I did my first m1t cycle back in the fall and everything went well. Gained about 7lbs,then I did a second one about 2 months ago and really gained some size..however, at the end of the cycle I neglected to do complete pct(they were 2 weeker cycles, and i took off a week in between with no pct) since they were not that long of cycles, but now im really discouraged because due to my mistake (I'm thinking this is what caused it..can this happen) I lost a TON of muscle and now have to start all over again. and on top of that, the back pains still havn't gone away. I get a solid feeling in my lower back all the time and my left side mid-back is constantly sore. I have been taking some clomid at 50 mg's a day just to see if I can cut off the estrogen because its caused me to gain a lot of fat along with the muscle loss. Any ideas of things I can do to correct this?

    Also, is it easier to get back up to previous size after losing muscle than it was to get there in the first place?

  2. It's absolutely moronic to run a cycle with no pct. PCT is just as important as the cycle itself. What you are experiencing is normal for having neglected proper pct. You will lose most, if not all of your gains while your test levels stay at those of a baby girl for a few months following. The back pain is likely due to your rapid mass/strength gains followed by a total drop of test levels. As you try to lift the same weights, your muscles & joints can no longer handle the same stress. I used to see idiot AAS users back in college who would run 3 month cycles with no PCT & wonder what happened when they were back to being skinny again after a few weeks.

    Keep running the clomid for 3 weeks. You should definitely lower your training volume & up your calories while your test levels are in the cellar. You may want to see a doc for some hcg if you still aren't recovering after a few weeks.

    It will be easier to re-gain size due to muscle memory. Next time around, have all PCT meds on-hand before even considering starting a cycle. This should be a good reference for newbies who take PCT lightly. Now they can see what happens if it's neglected.

  3. what dosage should I run, and how will I know that my levels are back up?

  4. If you have nolva & clomid, I'd take them both. If all you have the clomid, use:
    4mL ED for a week (28 total mL)
    2mL ED for a week (14 total mL)
    1mL ED for a week (7 total mL)
    *assuming it's 50mg/ml

    That's standard dosing for pct, so you may have to adjust depending how long you've taking it already & when you recover. When your balls are back to normal size, libido is fully back, & you just feel good again are signs that test levels are recovered.

    It's normally recommended to take equal to double the length of time off following a cycle. In your case, I'd take a few extra weeks off before going back on since you didn't fully recover immediately after tha last cycle.

  5. I'd second Longdogs rec. to take some extra weeks off after you finished clomid pct. Keep your calories up and clean.
    DIdn't you start getting back pains when you started squatting free weights instead of the smith machine? If so you may be going to heavy or your form needs correction.

  6. my balls are back to size and I'm horny as I was before it all happened, but I am scared that I will keep losing size. I am so down now. Its like I have to start all over at the beginning,and It really sucks because I was at a pretty good size with some great definition and getting bigger

  7. Just because your balls are the same size and your horny does not mean that your natural test levels are not knocked in the dirt.. umm.. think someone needs to be doing some research.


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