when makin brew do you really need "bb"

  1. when makin brew do you really need "bb"

    iv been tryin to put together a decent cycle,m1t afew wks of m1,4add and wanted to add sledge's pro-sust, well i bought the powder and thought id get some ba,bb oil myself dissolve and filter into a ster. vial. anyway i ordered a universal kit from research....k and they dont include "bb", so do i need it?

  2. no but you might have a little bit of a pain problem.. most people have a lot of soreness with high BA content.. ie over 7% roughly

  3. well is that why the 'bb' is added ,to reduce pain or painless? btw i plan on useing only 5% im thinkin of just useing chemos recipe for fina sauce 30ml., only i guess without bb.

  4. see how it does..

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