Methyldienolone Semi-Log

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  1. Methyldienolone Semi-Log

    Well, I wont be updating it as much as I would like, for everytime I post a reply here at AM, I get a server busy window from my computer and have to exit out of my ISP and restart it, basically a big pain in the ass. Anyways.......

    3 days on m dien so far, 3 mgs ed. Starting weight was 231. The first day no workout, day 2 I did back/bis/rear delts, there was not a noticeable difference. Today was quads/hams/calves/hang cleans. One way to desrcibe todays pump, ****ing ridiculous. Even when i was doing calf raises, the small inclusion that my hams and quads have in stabilizing gave them an intense pump. I was walking like I had a stick up my ass. I had the balls to do 6 plates per side on ATG Hack squats, which I have never tried, banged out 4 decent reps. The pump in my forearms was so intense while doing hang cleans, that I had to take off my wrist wraps because they were cutting off my circulation, and they usually fit nice and snug.

  2. Its great that your posting your results. I have high expectations on this product as do others.
    I forgot to add, any mood changes/mental focus improvements while banging out reps?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by theprolangtum
    One way to desrcibe todays pump, ****ing ridiculous. .
    Damn prolangtum, your attention to scientific detail is unmatched.

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  4. Sorry if I missed it in another post, but how long are you going to be running for and what dose do you anticipate hitting? (sticking at 3mg, upping to 4mg... I believe thats what Sledge did) Oh, and if posting's a problem you can always email someone to post for ya :P

  5. First let me just say thank you for testing this out for me bro. Also I just want to tell everyone that when i test things i purposely go to high to make sure i knwo exactly how the compounds is going to be. I told everyone this was going to be better then M1T and I hope it continues to go well for you. Now for my testing, I weigh 270lbs and right now I am a fat 12% if I had to guess. So I am a big guy and i dont think anyone will need to go above 3mgs for this stuff. I think regular size(200lb) guys will be perfect on 2mgs. I didnt want to post any info on how my cycle of it went because i didnt want my testers to have any predetemined ideas, but so far that sounds about right. Pro if you cant post let me know and ill post the info for you if you email it to me.

  6. I honestly think that many guys should not go above 1mg. If you do not have experience with AAS then start small and adjust accordingly.

    Designer....if you need anymore testers for this, I am willing to sacrifice myself for research.

  7. Size as soon as I get some in Ill pm you for your info. Like I have said, it is always better to start out dosing small especially with new compounds and work your way up. I started testing this at 250mcg per day and then worked my way up slowly. Also I know my body very well and have been doing things like this for a longtime. There willbe no need for a newbie or pretty much anyone else who has not run at least 3-4 AAS cycles to go above 1mg unless you are in the 275lbs and up range. The days of crappy PH/PS that dont work are long gone with products like these, they shouldnt be looked at in a careless manner.

  8. Since Im testing it, I said WTF, Im going to go full bore, 5mgs ed. Im 233 as of this morning, and although sldg has me by about 40 lbs, I usually dont respond well to low dose anything. I do notice more frequent urination, this may or may not be linked since I started hitting ephderine pre WO again.

  9. 5 days so far,and two pounds up?Not bad.Trying to out-do Sledge on dosing eh?J/K I remember 20mg. a day did nothing for you on M1T except put you in a coma,you have an unusually high tolerance to androgens.Great thread so far,and good luck Pro.

  10. yeah I respond well to very low doses which is odd for being so big, I am one of the lucky one sin that respect. But I always use much more then needed when testing just to make sure. Im not goingto post how high I went just because I dont think there is a need for it, 1-3mgs is going to be good for everyone. Pro, thanks for the testing your a perfect lab rat.

  11. Sledge, do you have any 170-200lb testers? I think I get the hint that Prolangtum's results might not be typical. And he's bumped the dose to 5mg which might be interesting but I think most people incl myself are interested in 2-4week cycle with a steady dose.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by MarcusG
    Sledge, do you have any 170-200lb testers?
    Quit trying to weasel some free stuff

    Hey, Sledge, I work with this 500 lb you have any 500 lb testers?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Designer Supps
    Size as soon as I get some in Ill pm you for your info.
    I look forward to it.

  14. Good stuff. Good luck Prolangtum

  15. Quote Originally Posted by size

    Designer....if you need anymore testers for this, I am willing to sacrifice myself for research.
    Me too

  16. theprolangtum

    any chances for before after pics ?

  17. Right now I have all the testers I need, but thanks fro the offer. I only had a small amount right now, to go out for testing. When I get the rest there will be beta samples available while the tabs get pressed.

  18. Everybody better quit trying to get my job

  19. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    Everybody better quit trying to get my job

  20. Well, its been about a week, and I am up a total of 5 lbs. I guess looking in the mirror every da doesnt do me justice, I have gotten quite a few compliments on increased vascularity and gaining mass (along with what are you on), and at my bodyweight, 4 lbs isnt all too noticeable, at least to me, so I have added mass and seemed to drop bf. This is in spite of the fact that since Friday I have had severe stomach issues. Im pretty sure it is unrelated to the m dien, I have never heard of stomach problems while on any AAS. Bascially I have been having ED (explosive diarrhea ) and not to be gross, but my stool is charred and black. I figured I would loose weight, but I am still up 5 lbs. Lifts are up a bit also.
  21. Thepro

    A far as the overall effect of this product, what would you relate it to in AAS terms? Drol? You may have said it, but I didn't catch it; how long are you planning to run this cycle? Also, are you combining anything along with it? Are you planning to run anything after words?

  22. The dark stool could be from pepto(look at the bottle, thanks to fireman). The stomach issues most likely a virus going around, I had it as well, not fun. Good stuff, prolang, keep us updated please.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by scotty2
    The dark stool could be from pepto(look at the bottle, thanks to fireman). The stomach issues most likely a virus going around, I had it as well, not fun. Good stuff, prolang, keep us updated please.
    This is no doubt the case....if you took pepto bismol, your stool will turn dark black. I scared the hell out of myself because I was sick and took pepto, 2 days later, my stool was dark black..... consequently the same color as when you have alot of blood in your stool (ulcer or worse). I found out the pepto was definitely the cause.

  24. theprolangtum any updates?

  25. black isnt the word, also after you use pepto take a look at your tongue in the a.m. Black as night as well.
    I didnt have any problems with stomach issues so I would say it might be a virus as well.


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