where to get blood work done

  1. where to get blood work done

    what is the blood testing procedure. i am about to run a cycle. does this type of blood work require taking blood from a vein in the arm or from the finger? where do you go to get it done? talk to my dr?

    i hate intraveinus but wouldnt mind a finger prick


  2. go to your doctor

  3. can i just signup at a lab? and does it req iv needle?

  4. They are going to draw blood. Depending on which or how many test that you have ordered will determine how many pulls of blood they will do .

    My last test I had 4 vials of blood pulled out of me and yes it is with a needle ... get it ordered from your doc but don't go in and say I'm about to do steriods so I need this pulled ... say you have blood in your stool or anything else besides I'm doing roids. Or, if this is you frts time this yr then you are given two per yr for free depending on insurance....it just gets iffy when you start talking e2/free test levels as they may want to kniw why

  5. makes sense what what would my dr say if i was like i am doing a hormone cycle and want to do before and after blood work?

  6. also what do i have them test for?

  7. check out the lipid provile, test levels, and liver enzymes


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