Hold weight and loose BF?

  1. Hold weight and loose BF?

    Hi, I am currently running a Liquidrone/Pplex Cycle together with an ECA Stack, Lean FX and Napalm. Want to cut some BF. I am currently at 218lbs and Iam about 6'00" tall. So when i am eating at maintance could I gain some new muscles and loose some BF?

  2. Unlikely, and if you do prgoress will be very slow indeed. You need to eat above maintenance to effectively increase muscle size, and eat below maintenance to loose BF. Trying to do both at the same time is generally considered highly ineffecient. If you want to gain muscle then you need to bulk up for a while by eating above maintenance and then you can cut down later and burn off the fat. Look up "bulking and cutting" phases for more info.

  3. On my recent first cycle of Test I gained muscle and lost body fat. I decided that I would rather gain a little less and maintain or lose bodyfat. I think it depends on where you are at right now. The last couple of weeks of my cycle I leaned my diet up and have continued with it....over 5 weeks off and I have maintained the muscle i gained and strength has continued to increase and have dropped bodyfat. My point is that by the next cycle, i will have leaned up even more and I will be a little less concerned about gaining body fat through that cycle....will go for more gains. It all depends on what your goals are and where you are at right now....

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