maint. calories -vs- eat like crazy during a cycle

  1. maint. calories -vs- eat like crazy during a cycle

    Something I've been wondering is if someone increases their calories drastically during a cycle could a lot of the wieght they are gaining be caused by the food increase? Has anyone every compared a cycle with maint. calorie intake versus increased calorie intake. It's completely obvious why you would increases your protein due to the nitrogen increase but other than that is there another obvious reason.

    Sorry if that's a dumb question. I'm just wondering how much of the weight gain is really due to the PH. Unless people are doing BMI measurements I don't see how you can accurately tell.


  2. Steroids simply speed up the process for building muscle, they are not the material of which muscle is comprised.

    Think of it this way. You're building a house, food is the wood and nails. Proper training and nutrition are your carpenters. Steroids, if included, is like doubling the size of your carpentry team, putting them on speed, and standing over them with gun telling them to hurry the **** up.

    You can't put on muscle without food, it's that simple. The muscle:fat gain ratio is largely dependent on the dosing and efficacy of the hormones you're using. Again, diet is also important.

  3. Best analogy I've heard, lol.

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