Quick Cycle question

  1. Quick Cycle question

    I'm going to run my 3rd cycle in a couple weeks, and just have a quick question.

    I'm 30yo, 5-9 180.

    Running a dbol/test e/deca cycle.

    dbol 50mg/ed/1st 4 weeks
    test e 500mg/ew/14 weeks
    deca 200mg/ew/1st 10 weeks

    Also have my PCT ready.

    My question is should I run 200mg deca, or 400 mg deca per week? The amps I got are 200mg/ml. My plan was to only do 200, but now thinking maybe 400. My research shows me the norm is 250mg, but since my amps are only 200, not exactly sure.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. 400mg deca is what most would recommend. be sure to use HCG and have caber on hand

  3. Agreed on HCG, 14 weeks is to far out to risk it.

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