Thinking about my second cycle:

  1. Thinking about my second cycle:

    Hey guys havnt posted here for the longest time.. anyways lets get right to the point:

    My second cycle is going to go something like this

    epistane 1-4 20/30/40/40

    support supps: hawthrone (preloaded) and milk thistle (preloaded)
    I will also get some taurine, because my last cycle of p-plex i drank the most water EVER, and stil had some pretty harsh back pumps.

    pct: nolva 20/20/20/20

    comments/concerns? Would epistane be too weak for a second cycle considering i ran phera for my first cycle?

  2. wouldnt waste a week on only 20mg/day..and no its not too weak imo

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