Does it make sense to stack 1-t tren and "the One?"

  1. Does it make sense to stack 1-t tren and "the One?"

    I am about to start a 6 week cycle and would have 2 bottles of PP's 1-t tren and 1 bottle of AN's "the One." Does it make sense to stack these? If not, should I pulse alternate or do one first, then the other?

    Thoughts? Very much appreciated.


  2. I dont see the point, both 1-t tren and the one are most likely strong enough to produce the most possible gains...

  3. Everyone agrees? Just pick one and run it alone?


  4. I asked Eric about stacking 1-T with The One. I figured an anabolic with a nice androgenic compound would work nicely but he recommended that I stack 1-T Tren instead. I forgot his reasoning for it.

  5. Can anyone offer a scientific rational as to whether it makes sense to stack these two compounds? Is the bioavailability such that it doesn't make sense? I don't want to waste this stuff.

    Heracles, what did you stack with 1-t tren?


  6. Thanks to those of you that have replied so far... Really appreciate the input.

    If you saw my other post you'll know that I found some Designer Supps SD I'd forgotten about today! Would it make more sense to stack the 1-t tren with the SD? Save "the One" for later? Maybe 6 wks 1-t tren, add SD for 4 wks? Or again, would it just a waste?

    What do you guys (and gals) think?


  7. Just run one or the other. Any of those three compounds is going to give you great results on its own. Stacking them would be stupid and a waste of money. You would see more gains off of three different cycles than stacking any of them.


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