PCT for my upcoming cycle - Help please!

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    Question PCT for my upcoming cycle - Help please!

    Hi, I've run several mild cycles before (my first cycle was HDrol alone, second: Oxandrolone alone, third: HDrol + Bold) and i got good gains without any sides, but now i want try something a bit stronger:

    HDrol + Bold + Formex (ON cycle) + Primordial's 1-T

    I never try anything like that before. What would be a correct PCT for something like that?

    (I've nolva and reversitol on hand)

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    hdrol and the bold you could have probably gone the OTC route but now you've added Tren and i suggest a low dose SERM (like the Nolva you have) keep inmind i have not run 1-t but have ran tren products in the past....it's not that "harsh" but i used a low dose of nolva and was fine.

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