PCT for my upcoming cycle - Help please!

  1. Question PCT for my upcoming cycle - Help please!

    Hi, I've run several mild cycles before (my first cycle was HDrol alone, second: Oxandrolone alone, third: HDrol + Bold) and i got good gains without any sides, but now i want try something a bit stronger:

    HDrol + Bold + Formex (ON cycle) + Primordial's 1-T

    I never try anything like that before. What would be a correct PCT for something like that?

    (I've nolva and reversitol on hand)

  2. hdrol and the bold you could have probably gone the OTC route but now you've added Tren and i suggest a low dose SERM (like the Nolva you have) keep inmind i have not run 1-t but have ran tren products in the past....it's not that "harsh" but i used a low dose of nolva and was fine.

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