1. Cutting...

    2.5 grams 4-oht
    2.5 grams 1-test
    5 grams 4-ad

    will that cycle give me some hardness and strength (cutting), or is it mainly a mass cycle. should I just do a 6 week cycle, then post cycle, then a separate cutting cycle? and what is your personal favorite for a cutting cycle.


  2. Personally I like a 2:1 ratio of 1-test to 4-AD but not everyone can handle the lethargy. If you are like me and do not get lethargic on 1-test go for it.

    Check out other people's cycles in the cycle info forum for other stacking ideas.

  3. I assume that is in 4oz of T-gel?
    That's a good mass cycle, but the OHT is more to offset estrogenic sides than for mass. If mass is your main concern, I'd replace the OHT with more 1-test. OHT is anabolic, but not like 1t or 4ad. I add it my mass cycles to reduce water retention, shutdown, lethargy, & acne. 2g per 4oz would accomplish that.

    If you are looking to cut, I would consider reversing the 1test/4ad ratio & keeping the OHT. OHT really seems to help me with the lethargy from 1 test.

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