3Vandoo's DNP Experience

  1. Hello,

    Yellow Jacket asked me to post my experience with Death is Not a Problem aka DNP.

    As for the people that doesnt know me I am a vet at AR, EF, RC and a Mod at FG.

    I did my first DNP cycle in August of 2001.

    I bought 100 caps of 400mg Crystal from
    DNP guru , poor dude!

    Anyways, first cycle was 14 days, as it was my first cycle it was hell, especially in August in a record breaking heat wave .

    At day 14, I lost 17 lbs.

    I ran dnp, for 5 cycles,

    my last one was during the holidays, for 7 days, because I am on CKD and I didnt want the balloon effect.

    I decided to call it a quit for a reason!

    During my last eyes check up, the eyes doctor noticed that the crystals in me eyes are not any more transparent but
    yellow, this lead to cataracts in 20-25 years or so! And YES it is a direct correlation between the D and my eyes!

    So far, DNP is not worth the hassles and all, I had more results on CKD than on DNP.

    my 12cents!

  2. Thanks for coming over sir and your info. is appreciated, this I believe is our 1st DNP testimonal and a good one.....

  3. Great post Vandoo...I'm sure this will help with those who have been sitting on the fence on DNP...not something I would ever touch.


  4. Good post bro, I wouldnt touch that **** either, but thats cause I'm already skinny enough! lol


  5. I could have swore that DNP was only proven to cause cataracts in women but apparently i'm mistaken.




  6. i thought it was only a matter of supplementing vit c,as the cataracts were cause by a deplesion of vit c

  7. Originally posted by 3Vandoo
    I had more results on CKD than on DNP.
    Read that YJ.

  8. Originally posted by Bobo

    Read that YJ.
    I did, over and over and over and over. But I believe thats only to show how big of a fan of DNP he's not

  9. I will convert you.


  10. Thanks Vandoo, for posting your experience. I wouldn't touch that stuff with a 10 foot pole.

  11. I was a fan of DNP, before the news hit my face! I was like NO NO impossible

    I was taking 6 multi vitamins a day
    vit E, C, selenium, calcium, ALA, milk thistle, glycerol, 4 gallons of water a day!

    HELL !!!!!!!

    funniest thing is that I miss the ****er, because crystal bring me in keto in some hours now they are gone I must struggle

  12. I though also it was only caused to women.

    cataracts are not here YET, in 20-25years from now so ill be 50 and I hope science will be far enought advance to laugh at it!

    But that weird, I get checked twice a year
    by my private eye doc, (once a year by the idiot army doc )

    I had nothing, I do dnp and voila the crystal of my eyes are yellow!

    I was mad at me self actually, we live and learn.

    who knows maybe GH might correct it


    322 out

  13. DNP is some really nasty ****...but i guess some people will do just about anything to lose just a little extra weight....but **** 17lbs in 2 weeks is amazing dude!

  14. amazing yep but suffering is amazing too!

    No sleep for two weeks, sweating like a ****ing pig and try to explain it to people

  15. So is dnp like crystal meth as far as being a stimulant???

  16. Originally posted by pjorstad
    So is dnp like crystal meth as far as being a stimulant???
    Its not a stimulant.

  17. Hell no its not a stimulant

    do a search on DNP, you will find tons of info about how it work, some good some scary.

  18. Scary stuff.. Are you prone to it? Did you continue supplementing vitamins c and e after DNP use?


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