OK. Is it really a good idea to add more 1-test or 4-AD powder to the T1-pro? Would there really be any significant benefits over the original recipe, or would we just be wasting product and money? Does one really need to add more than 5 grams of 1-test, and more than 2.5 grams of 4-AD per bottle? Is this amount of 4-AD the "minimum" to keep libido up? If so...what's the max? Or is it all dependant on the user-result?? What are we using as a guide? Sorry for all these freakin' questions, bro's...but I'm really interested in home brewing and just trying to clear things up! I have done WAY MANY PH cycles and at present cycling Dermabolics S1+ (which contains 3 grams of 1 test and 4.5 grams of 4-AD) and result-wise, seems to be just as good as SO+ (Avant Labs) but easier on the skin (irritation-wise). This whole thing is really starting to piss me off!......AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGGGG GGGGGG!