clen/t3 question

  1. clen/t3 question

    You know i'm not shore whether this should be in the steroid section or the PH section, but i saw a nolva thread in here, so i thought i'd throw it in here.

    Now i've done a few cycles of clen/t3 myself. always ran it 3 on 3 off with awesome results. I also know that clen itself has a very long halflife, what is it around 36 hours it stays in your system.

    My question is, why is it always recommended to do 2 on 2 off, or 3 on 3 off cycles of clen/t3? Assuming you tapered off would going say 4 weeks really make that much of a difference. Granted i know T3 is some dangerous stuff as it is tampering with your thyroid, but is there any more of a specific reason behind it.

    Come to think of it, i guess to give your Beta 2 receptors a break cuz they get burnt out but your advised to supplement with a thermo (ECA) in between cycles anyways, maybe i answered my own damn question. BUT.......does anybody foresee a problem with a 4 weeker

    thanks, and i just wanted to see if anybody has some stuff/info to add, you can never know enough


  2. Most people see diminishing returns with Clen after 3 weeks. People seem to build up a tolerance to it pretty fast. I wouldn't go over 3 weeks.
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  3. yah, i figured the problem wasn't what it would do to you, but what it wouldn't do to you.

    damn, i hate trying to space out very short clen/t3 cycles within a PH cycle.

    but such is life

  4. I still always wonder when people say that T3 is dangerous stuff. Ihave been doing this for years and never to this day have ever seen any type of residual affect from taking T3. Never have I ever heard of anything but rumors and threats about how bad it will make your own production of thyroid go bad. even at mega doses i have never seen or heard any real life stories of thyroid issues after such a cycle. I understand that it is supposed to hinder like all have said but come on so is test and not one of us really worries that our testies will completely shut down. So my question is this why do we get so bent out of shape about how dangerous T3 is? I have taken it before for 5-6 weeks at well over 150 mcg and my thyroid always tests fine with blood tests. Anyone actually have real life proof of issues if so please settle my confusion, I just have never seen real life results of this occuring. Not that I can say that it is not true but really were is the proof? Someone please! Sorry enough ranting about T3 i did not even answer the question sorry bro for mucking up your thread, I just hate when people get a bad rap on a drug when there is only here say, hell that is what made test so bad off in the first place hear say. Again sorry.


  5. lol @ whale, good, cuz i was gonna go 4 weeks regardless of what the feedback was. I've taken up to 125mcg of it for 3 weeks and no adverse affects at all.

  6. with the clen with can easy go over 2-3 weeks.


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