increased body odor? I be stanky!

  1. increased body odor? I be stanky!

    Does anybody have increased body odor on androgens?

    I use twice as much deodorant while on cycle. I guess i have to figure a stick of degree into my cycle budget. LOL

  2. never heard of that one bro.... try using a new deodorant

  3. I've heard of that happening with transdermals. The DMSO I think.
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  4. Showers after your workouts would be a good idea. Not just on Saturday nights.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Cuffs
    Showers after your workouts would be a good idea. Not just on Saturday nights.

    Well, I thought about taking a shower, But like i said, i just double up on the deodorant.
    I am too afraid i might wash off some of this hardearned muscle!

  6. i have noticed a little bit of smell also from the dmso but never like Body Odor.......

  7. Never heard of that either.

    Are you using a gel with DMSO? I don't even know of any transdermals that use DMSO anymore, unless you are putting it in there yourself.

  8. Some androgens increase sweating so the extra sweat could make you smell. Tren and 1-test really make me sweat more and I have woke up many times at night soaken wet and smelling pretty bad while on cycle. Just shower more and you'll be fine.

  9. HAHA,
    I didnt say i couldnt control it? You guys act like you can smell me from there.

    Maybe you can.
    My old junior high basketball coach could. When i would do a layup he would yell from the other end of the court in a raspy whisper as loud as he could " Cricket, You stink baby!... I can smell you from here!"

    and i would yell back, "It's the juice coach, I am on the damn juice"



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