Front load with 4AD?

  1. Front load with 4AD?

    I am starting a 1AD/4AD cycle in Jan, but after my calculations I will have lile 24 caps of 4AD left over. Not sure if'n I'll do another cycle I was thinking of front loading the 4AD for about a week and a half prior to my 1AD. Would this be benefical for raising my test or a waste of good 4AD?

  2. It wouldnt really be a waste but it also wouldnt really be a front load. Due to the short half life of oral non esterfied 4 ad you would not be building up a higher and higher lood level as the cycle went on so the extra 4ad would increase the amount in your sytem during the "front load" but that level would fall off again once you stopped taking the extra pills. Why not just increase the dose you are taking by an extra pill every day? Its up to you and like I said it robably won't hurt assuming you have proper preventetive supps on hand.

  3. Cool thanks, Well if it won't really that much of a benefit I'll probably save it for a 1mt cycle I'll be doing in April. I just though with all I had left over I'd do a pre-load, but i'll take your advice.

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