Tren + Epistane Cycle. Feedback wanted.

  1. Tren + Epistane Cycle. Feedback wanted.

    I'm about to start a Tren + Epi stack in about a week and was wondering what you guys think of this. I've taken ACL Tren before and saw great gains, saved myself some money and went with this Knockout Nutrition Tren XXL, same formula (19-Norandrosta 4,9 diene- 3,17 dione). I also stacked epistane with bold200 for my last cycle (8 weeks bold, added epi 4 weeks into cycle), which I took about 6 months ago and it was amazing.

    My stats:
    21 years old
    About 11-12% bf

    My cycle is going to look something like this:

    Week 1: Tren 90mg/Epi 30mg
    Week 2: Tren 90mg/Epi 30mg
    Week 3: Tren 90mg/Epi 30mg
    Week 4: Tren 90mg/Epi 30mg

    On the cycle I'll be taking
    cycle support
    fish oil
    multi vitamins

    For my pct I'm gunna go with Nolva and Novedex XT for a test booster.

    What do you guys think? Dosing good? I'm hoping to gain about 15lbs.
    I'm kind of prone to gyno as well, so i'm taking all the precautions.
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  2. Bump =]

  3. What do you have planned for PCT?

  4. Nolva and Novedex XT, as stated above.

  5. Novadex Xt is not needed bc Nolva is a estrogen killer on its own and there is no need for another Ai since Novadex would have nothing more to do since Nolva is taking care of more than Novadex can do. I say get rid of the Novadex and get a test booster. I would run Milk Thistle and Hawthorn Berries. I am also going to run a cycle just like yours very soon. But again I would ditch the Novadex and get something like Vitrix or something like NxLabs Nitro T3 which is a test plus ZMA combined and it has a nice profile.Hope it helps

  6. Oh, I was using the novedex as a test booster in itself, but I'll definitely drop it and get some vitrix. I am also taking milk thistle and hawthorn berries. Yeah I kind of chose this cycle randomly and then found out it's a really popular stack as i've been doing my research. I hope it goes well because I had great results with both epi and tren already.

  7. Yeah tren and epi is very good. Yeah vitrix is a good one or something like Tribex I suppose. All are tribulus and thats what u want. Since I am using Clomid not nolva but both will do in estrogen control in pct. Also i will do a glucosasmine/Chondrin for joint support since this stack is dry. Make sure you do a 1 week prep before you head into the cycle. And that way on throughit you will be alright. Its better to be safe than sorry. hope this helps

  8. I had another thing to add to which if you haventr already I would get some ZMA too for pct. Using the nolva/vitrix and using ZMA at night that is a great way to keep test up as well. I will have to save my zma because im almost running out and saving mine for pct. But deffitley ZMA is great. I was going to go with straight tribe because its cheaper but I saw the profile in the vitrix and its great. Avena Sativa and Eurocoma Long Jax are great for boosting test as well. So yeah im still doing more of my research still and I am thinking of running mine in about a month or s. Im trying to get all the things I need first.

  9. Startin my cycle today. Hopefully this tren xxl isn't some bunked ****.

  10. Looks good.


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