1-test bloat

  1. 1-test bloat

    Has anyone wondered why minor bloat sometimes happens on 1-test compounds like m-1-t alone?

    I never had bloat on trans 1-test but there is feedback about bloat from 1ad (seems to cause more bloat then 1-test) taken alone. Then there was a post that said something about androgen receptor mediated bloat
    which is why a compound like 1-test which does not aromatize can cause fluid retention.
    And there is a thread on bb today which someone had itchy nipples on m-1-t taken alone.
    Comments anyone??

  2. I've never had any noticeable bloat on 1ad, 1-test, or M1t alone. Only when 4ad gets in the mix, have I noticed anything.

  3. MarcusG, I've also noticed some water retention from M1T. I assumed it was my diet and needed to increase my water consumption. Didn't notice any retention with transdermal 1-Test. I've also seen friends on 1-AD hold water as well. Very curious to know if and why ???

  4. Just b/c a steroid does not aromatize does not mean the H2O retention is not possible. There can be androgen receptor determined H2O retention. However, it tends to be located in the muscle cells rather than say subQ

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