Epistane + The One stack

  1. Epistane + The One stack

    Just running the idea across you guys... Was thinking about running 20mg Epi and 45mg of The One at the same time, which is 2 pills of each per day, for 3-4 weeks. I figure since Epistane is relatively easier on the liver and already included in stacks such as Spawn, and where T1 is also easier on the liver as well, it just seems like its not such a bad idea..

    Any thoughts?

    of course I'd run the usual suspects with this:

    IntraMax - 3 times a day @ 75% dosing
    Life/Cycle Support - 1x2 a day
    Oils/Fats - 3x2 a day
    acidophilus - 2x2 a day
    Adrenal Support - 1x2 a day
    Vitamin E - 1000mg 2x a day
    Vitamin C - 1000mg 3x a day

    and then all the same PLUS nolva, lean xtreme, and Jungle Warfare for PCT.

    Workout Schedule would be something to the effect of:

    Sunday: off
    Monday: Back and Legs
    Tuesday: off
    Wednesday: Chest and Shoulders
    Thursday: Swim
    Friday: Tri's and Bi's
    Saturday: jog

    Hows it look? What you think?

  2. obvi ive never run T1 before, but I always heard to avoid stacking 2 methyls together

    epis def pretty mild so it might not be too bad

  3. The One just came out and u want to stack it? run it solo first and see how it does

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