Hey All-
Gonna put my money where my mouth is on The One- going to be throwing some videos up here. Videos are going to be pretty concise and succinct- I am kind of quiet by nature, so they aren't going to be too terribly long.....enjoy And plz excuse the first one- taken after a 13 hr. production day- I was a little spacey, LOL....

SHR Show on The One where I talk about the product and AAS/PHs in general- Super Human Radio Network

Day 1:


Day 12:


Day 14 pics:

Stats/History/Training, etc.

Height: 6'2.5"
Bodyfat: somewhere between 4-6%
Starting Weight: 194.4 lbs.- I have become a skinny bitch- too much basketball
Desired Weight for end of cycle: 215 lbs.
Length- 24-29 days

No idea of measurements

Diet: very clean- about 3000-3500 kcal per day- 30 protein/50 carbs/20 fat- all carb sources very clean (lots of potatoes, harvest grains, brown rice, ton of fruit), most of protein from eggs or whey, fat mostly olive or safflower. not really upping kcals too much on this intentionally- just eating when I feel hungry (tends to be a lot w/ this compound)

History w/ PH's/AAS: everything you can think of- been off everything for 3-4months, but over the last two years usage/dosage has been pretty minimal.....

Training: main focus is on strength, agility, speed, but don't really care about size...used to run track competitively (60 and 100m) and play semi-pro football (WR)- now just do it to keep in shape and push myself- lots of speed and agility training, play basketball 4-5x per week. Training is lot of core exercises, med ball, sprinting (cut out b/c I broke my friggin' ankle), agilities, plylos, and weight training 3x per week.

Dosing @ 4 per day (see next progress post)- starting @ 90 mg/day

Other Supps:
Lipo AM
Omega Essentials
Bio Mend
Lipo PM
Osteo Sport
Complete Balance
Primaforce Piracetam