Help: First Time PH... H-Drol + aPCT + ??

  1. Help: First Time PH... H-Drol + aPCT + ??


    I'm doing my first cycle with a PH, CEL H-Drol.... I'm 36 and 70kg (154lbs).
    I'm more the atheltic guy not getting that big... So, I'm very excited with it.

    Maybe people can give me hints if everything is ok with my plan. I tried
    to read much but would be thankful if people give me hints if it
    is ok or somthing should be done better...

    I usually train at 7am to 8:30am...

    CEL H-Drol 4 weeks 50/50/50/50
    (one in the morning at 6am, one at 2pm)

    CEL Cycle Assist 4 weeks with H-Drol
    (taken at same time with H-Drol)

    AX aPCT 4 weeks at 3 per day
    (taken 7am 12am 6pm)

    My question:
    - Should I add for PCT e.g. MassFX as well or something else ? I read
    maybe I need an Testo booster as well ? Or is aPCT enough ?
    - Anything else that I should add ? Vitamin B6 200mg / day oncycle ?

    Ok, hope someone gives me feedback

    Thanks !

  2. im not sure what exactly aPCT is, but a great post cycle product for something like Hdrol is PCS, its also called Stoked!

  3. aPCT is Anabolic Xtreme's Advanced PCT....

    My main question is do I need a test booster like MassFX
    or is aPCT enough....
  4. dpfisher
    dpfisher's Avatar

    I'm planning a similar cycle and I will be using clomid along with aPCT, can't be too safe, right? My question is this: does aPCT need to be tapered? When using a SERM should aPCT be run inverse then tapered back down? The idea of dropping off a full dose doesn't make a lot of sense to me but maybe there's a reason.

    Anyway mine is going to go like this: Preload milk thistle and hawthorn berry for a week so cycle support is effective immediately, 50mg/day straight through Hdrol, 1 scoop CS each dose. PCT will be clomid at a yet undetermined dose, probably something low like 75/50/50/25, cissus to keep cortisol down, then aPCT however it works best... still need someone to clear that up.

    Hope I'm not stealing the thread too much but I'm also an Hdrol newbie. Macros for "on" would be nice too, I know it's going to be about 1000cals higher than maintenance but don't know how I need to change my usual 55/15/30 p/c/f ratio, just that I need less fat and more carbs.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    im not sure what exactly aPCT is, but a great post cycle product for something like Hdrol is PCS, its also called Stoked!
    Thanks for the props on the PCS (POST Cycle Support)

    Also the board store Nutra Planet has a whole Hdrol cycle for less than a $100 and free shipping for the next 5 days.

    Tomorrow they are also doing a buy 1 get 2nd one 50% off on Post Cycle Support.
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