can i get some opinions please?

  1. can i get some opinions please?

    hey guys

    i want to run 1,4 AD bold for a month, just gonna take 1 cap twice a day.
    for PCT i think i'll run reversitol like this:

    Post Cycle Therapy Usage:
    Week 1: 1 cap am, 2 caps pm
    Week 2: 1 cap am, 1 cap pm
    Week 3: 1 cap am, 1 cap pm
    Week 4: 1 cap pm.

    does this sound like it will be a successful first cycle?


  2. so u r going to run 200mg of bold for a month? dont even bother...

  3. save your money.

  4. 200mg twice a day, so 400mg a day...

  5. still, spend the same money buying more steaks and chicken breasts, or natural peanut butter. You'll get better results.



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