PHs-Any biological reason for weeks to work

  1. PHs-Any biological reason for weeks to work

    I have seen many threads that state, for example, "gains from T1 won't occur until the 2nd/3rd week."

    Is there any data to back this up or is it mostly from personal experiences?

    NOTE: I'm using T1 as an example.



  2. Mostly personal experiences but it is based on the principals that the levels have to rise to a point to force the body out of homestatis..

  3. Its takes weeks for mRNA transcription and the increase in protein synthesis to be noticable. Other factors such as CNS stimuation can occur with a single dose.
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  4. also it depends on the ester, cypionate half lifes are much longer then requiring it to be in the body longer for the amount to build up in the blood.

  5. actualy i dont know if this applies but i didnt notice ANY androgenic sides until the second week on m-1-t..



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