what keeps one from growing ?

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    STRESS..... CORTISOL.......

    I know what you mean.

    Bobo has posted good results PCT by concentrating on reducing cortisol levels. He has a thread somewhere on sups taken post cycle that helped him accomplish this.

  2. To control cortisol take phosphtidylserine and vit.C in large dosages. also try FL7 by avant labs.

  3. if its mental or inner problems , how long will u depend on external methods ? the PS , vit c and fl7 etc will help dealing with the sudden lack of anti glucocorticoid effect which is not there off cycle , but if its mental , then u have to deal with it mentally , sort it out , meditate , whatever it takes u know ..?
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    Size and RayBravo...............

    Thank you both for that info.

  5. I think # 2 & 3 are wrong not enough volume and not enough frequency. Their are way too many people out their that overtrain and stop growing because of it. They think they are not training enough so they up their volume or frequency or sometimes both and only make things worse, sometimes leading to an injury.

  6. not everything on that list applies to everyone , number 2 and 3 would simply apply to someone doing less , simple as that , its just identifying the problem and fixing it ...also , keep in mind bryan is talking to the hyertrophy specific training followers when saying that.

  7. Originally posted by raybravo
    what ive seen in most people is , as soon as they see a stop in growth , the only solution they seem to be able to come up with is "increase dose of steroid used !" , we never sit back and look at other factors we can work on to beat the homeostasis , i happen to be jobless enuf to think about this lol , and when i was looking for info , here's something nice i found , written by bryan haycock :

    "If you aren't growing it is because:
    1) You aren't lifting enough weight (load)
    2) You aren't lifting it enough times (volume)
    3) You aren't training frequently enough
    4) You aren't eating enough and/or eating properly
    5) RBE has made your muscle tissue resistant to furhter growth (you must SD)
    6) You are as big as your endocrine system and hypertrophy-specific training can support. (You would be pretty big already if this is the case) "

    *SD= strategic deconditioning (giving the body a rest from training, read more at haycock's site www.hypertrophyspecific.com if u want ).


    would like to see some more inputs on what can be done to beat homeostasis , all inputs appreciated . <!--Signature-->
    How bout this?

    1) You are lifting TOO much weight (load)
    2) You are lifting TOO many times (volume)
    3) You are training TOO frequently (rest)

  8. if ure lifting too much weight , that is excerting urself to the max , u cant do too much volume , and if ure doing it too frequenty , with high volume , the nervous system gets in the way of increasing the loads used ...it gets over trained . either way , u can balance this out by increasing the food intake , the amount of anabolic steroids , sleep , being meticulous in every other way to balance out the equation , but the question is , can u do it ? the body cannot lift the heaviest loads ,again and again(volume) frequently , cos there is only so much it can take ...

  9. I think people need to read more of Haycock's concepts and info on HST. It helps explain the reasons Ray presented.


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