1M-T stack suggestion - MASS NEEDED

  1. 1M-T stack suggestion - MASS NEEDED

    Seems to be alot of good info on this board. Anybody ever use any of these products? Which one would be best to stack with 1M-T? I am looking for a mass cycle. I am not afraid of water retention, etc. Just want more size. I know I need to up my calories, etc. I will be using DoggCrapps training routine. Keep up the great work bros. Dam I miss STK.

    1-Test Cypionate

    4-AD Decanoate

    4-Hydroxynandrolone Decanoate

    4-hydroxytestosterone Decanoate

  2. I only have experience with 1-T Cyp and 4-ad cyp as far as injectables go. I would shoot for something along the lines of 1g-1500mg of the 4-ad decanoate per week.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I am amazed 209 reads and only one post. Do I need to provide more information are are these prohormones nobody has any comments on?

  4. I don't think a lot of people have pinned PH's, and I can only think of a couple threads on AM about it. Since you're using methyl 1-test I'm assuming you're going with a shorter cycle. Designer Supplements is coming out with 4 ad prop any day now, and since it's a faster acting ester it might be a better option to stack with methyl 1-test.

  5. Yes, with m1t since you'll probably only run it 2-4 weeks, you'll want a faster acting aromatizing compound in there. A high dose of a transdermal 4AD mix, or the 4AD prop, would help with the bulking (at the cost of water and some fat, which you mentioned you weren't afraid of). Also, what does your post cycle look like?

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  6. probably use clomid or nolvadex. Any other suggestions?

  7. have you thought about using 4AD with no ester

  8. during or post cycle?

  9. I would use it during with the 1test.

    I used 1test and 4ad before and LOVED the gains while on a strict diet (bulking) and a good routine. That was a transdermal cycle the old t1pro and loved it.. i was doing the "hardcore" dosage but the gains were awesome and i had no sides until the 3rd time i used it when i developed a rash..

    post cycle i think your choice of nolva is great.. nolva/clomid might be a bit better but i think diet/rest/training has a greater effect on keeping gains then nolva vs nolva/clomid....

    Good Luck Bro

  10. thanks for the suggestions. I will be starting a new cycle in Jan. I should make my New Years resolution to be a BIG BAD MF in 2004 I am 5'8" 185lbs with a goal of 210. I would like to be 300lbs but baby steps first. I will be using DoggCraps training routine.

  11. its good to hear that you are going to focus on diet and training.. these are the 2 biggest things that lead to gains.. and dedication as well..

    the 1test and 4ad will only help and they will really help if everything else is in order..

    my other concern with m1t is the liver .. noone has gotten bloodwork done that i have seen so we really dont know how bad/not bad it is..

    if your going with DC style i am guessing you have read up on olive oil that will really help put on the weight..


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