P6 Black (pct)

  1. P6 Black (pct)

    Anyone have any input on a good PCT product for use prior to use of P6 Black?

    P6 Black Ingriedients -


    Bottle says take ...

    Workout Days:
    Morning : Take 2 CAPSULES
    Pre-Workout: Take 3 CAPSULES

    Off Days:
    Morning: Take 2 CAPSULES

  2. Right now all I have is reversitol. Just wondering what else I'm gonna need with this cycle.

  3. how old are you? you should get some cycle support to take while u are on, and get some milk thistle, and a natural test booster like mass fx or something like that for ur pct.

  4. the words PCT and prior to use don't make any sense.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    the words PCT and prior to use don't make any sense.
    HAHA yeah i meant to say post bro..sorry. Anyways I'm 24 and from stockton,ca the valley.



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