Uber M-1-T Cycle Log

  1. Uber M-1-T Cycle Log

    Just started taking 10mg a day of Kilosports' Methyl-1-test. Going to follow it up with some nolva, and will take ALA throughout the cycle.
    Diet consists of as much protein as I can get throughout the day -- especially before and after workout with some carbs. (Home-made groundbeef patties with cheese slapped on... Tuna, etc.) Supplementing with protein bars also... weeee.
    Going to post my workout results in the first page via edit to avoid spam.
    Also take note that unless stated otherwise ALL sets are in the 7-10 rep range.

    Great workout today... To be honest I slacked a lot while planning for the cycle. I did that on my last cycle (it's a bad habit, I know).
    Did curls with 40s (8-10 rep range, four sets), and did a few sets of deads with 225lbs along with lat-pulldowns and rows at 160lbs (two sets each). I weighed in at 177lbs.

    Today was legs day.. Bumped my legpresses up 180lbs from the last time I pressed (did a few too many reps last time), all the way up to 360lbs (sets of 10) and did some pretty good sets. Will probably raise the weight again next time... Did some leg extensions with 230lbs (sets of 10). Didn't do squats because of a previous back injury that's still lingering. Same body weight (duh). Nice overall placebo effect so far. :-D

    Was a little bummed about chest today... I've really gotten overall weaker in my upper body because of the cutting I did (natty cutting). However, I'm very sore from this workout so it couldn't have been too bad. I also started off with some ME benching. I'm up 1 1/2 lbs.

    Ah! It's thanksgiving. Had to slack a bit for the thanksgiving traveling (visiting with family, etc.). However, I was able to pound out some pushups and definately noticed some significant endurance increase. I've also noticed I'm looking a bit bigger, a bit harder, and as odd as it is... my appetite has gone up, and so has my libido. Both of which are contrary to what I thought was supposed to happen? It seems like I just can't get enough food! On the way back from thanksgiving "lunch" I kept munching on ham on the way home...

    Spent all day at a friends house and then went to a concert and another friends house, but still managed to bust out some sets at 4am when I got home. :-D
    Did some arms and latpulldowns... Plan on doing deads tommorrow with legs. GOOOD workout. I have no idea by how much poundage but I know my weight has gone up, and I've definately gotten visibly bigger in almost all of my upper body. Even had a few friends feel the pecs because they didn't believe it wasn't just fat I'd put on. (haha) I'll weigh in tommorrow as well.

    Okay, I lied. Was away from the gym all day at families house... so all I got was some friendly pushup and sparring (boxing) competition with my cousin done.

    Weighed in today at 183lbs for a total of 5lbs increase in body weight. My strength is going up, and I did chest today. Did more in dips today than I've ever done, and was pressing 75lbs dumbells like it was going out of style. Overall have gained back all my strength I lost during my cutting and then some... not to mention I feel bigger in general and am getting some decent pumps along with no cramps etc. I'm happy.

    Weighed in at 184lbs for a total of 7lbs increase in 8 days.
    Did arms and back today... deadlifts hurt like hell, but did 'em anyway.
    Curls are up 5lbs (in dumbells), and size keeps coming up... Seems like I'm putting on more mass than I did with 1-test last summer.
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  2. Good luck Tiabin, and I hope to see some pics my friend.

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