Mixing Your Own Test Blend... What Ingredients / Ratios Would You Use?

  1. Mixing Your Own Test Blend... What Ingredients / Ratios Would You Use?

    I've been loving low dose Sust250 (~300 mg/wk) so far stacked with Epi 75 mg everyday. Pin Sun/thur.

    Got some Prop and Enth laying around that I want to experiment with... mixing and storing away. So I was thinking of mixing Enth 250 mg/ml with Prop 100 mg/ml in a 1:1 ratio, giving 125 mg Enth and 50 mg Prop per ml. Pin 1 ml every 3-4 days. Gives me an average of about 350mg Test (with slightly more Prop ratio than Sust250) every 7 days or so. Not trying to be too scientific, just pin and go work out ya know. Always stacked with 75 mg Epi everday for 10-12 week cycles.

    I know this might ignite a debate about the use of such low doses of Prop and spread so far apart beyond EOD... but I like Sust the way I'm using it so I'm gonna stick with the concept of blends.

    I'm open to ideas though before I get my chemistry hat on.

  2. I dont care for blends....I would take prop all day, everyday if I have a choice....


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