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  1. Day 24. Testosterone: 681.17ng/dl(!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ); LH: 5.26mIU/ml; FSH 2.03mIU/ml; Estradiol: 60.64pg/ml (maybe because I just ate two powerbar protein plus bars, soy protein is the third protein???) Prolactin 6.30ng/ml; Progesteone 0.66ng/ml. Nolva has been at 28 mg/day (Lion, 7squirts twice a day). Seeing the consistent rise in test I'm gonna assume that I'm just about recovered, and I'll drop the nolva by 4 mg a day until I'm off of it, unless my testosterone were to crash. If I can be off of nolva for 5 days and my testosterone and LH are normal, I'm gonna do a two week cutting cycle with 10mg/ day M1T and I'll post all my hormone levels and liver enzymes, and any other special requests (triglycerides, cholesterol, RBC count) on a separate thread. The first two weeker I'll do with 10 mg M1t only, the next time will be 10mg M1t with Milk Thistle and NAC to see if there is any difference in elevation of liver enzymes. After that I'll do the same thing with 20mg M1t. I may or may not decide to run transdemal 4AD the whole time. Any thoughts???

  2. Your work on these topics of interest is kick ass!

    If you want to do the trials you are discussing with other compounds (such as 4-OHT et. al.) I'll hook you up with the right people...


  3. Where do I sign?

  4. I'll start lining up the bros that will be "donating" product for the studies...expect a PM within a few days (or so).


  5. Originally posted by supersoldier
    I'm gonna do a two week cutting cycle with 10mg/ day M1T and I'll post all my hormone levels and liver enzymes, and any other special requests (triglycerides, cholesterol, RBC count) on a separate thread.
    This would be awesome. I'm especially interested in cholesterol and liver enzymes.

  6. Great plan Supersoldier! This will be highly informative and help draw answers for a lot of questions.

  7. think you want to test lion clen on your cutter....email me at [email protected]

  8. Day 28. Testosterone 360.13ng/dL; Estradiol 52.56pg/mL; LH 7.53 mIU/mL; FSH 2.72 mIU/mL; Prolactin 6.86ng/mL; Progesterone 0.68ng/mL; Cholesterol 88mg/dL; all liver enzymes are normal except AST: 61IU/L (normal 15-41). I believe AST is the one that can be up to 20 times the normal range in liver disease, and I know it skyrockets while on, so I don't think 61 is too bad. Cortisol is 16.99 ug/dL; PSA 0.46 ng/mL. I think my testosterone was so high last time because I was and still am recovered, and the 28mg of nolva was doing it. This leads me to believe that nolva will boost the testosterone levels of a normal, non-sterioid using person. Just my opinion. I'm only on 12mg nolva yesterday and today, tomorrow is 8mg, thursday is 4mg, and friday is off. I can test again on Friday (the first day off) and on Monday night/Tuesday morning (3rd day off), and again the following Friday. I got a whole list of more lab tests sitting next to me so if you wanna know any more post it. Can't wait to start my next cycle!!!

  9. As for high estrogen, Nolvadex will increase estrogen, this is normal, but estrogen isnt acting on it's receptors due to nolvadex so it's not a problem.

    HCG is NOT taken post cycle. As a matter of fact you are better NOT using it at all if you are waiting until the end of the cycle to start it. HCG is used DURING a cycle to prevent testicular atrophy. The idea behind this is that LH is pretty high post cycle, and that the testes wont respond as well to the LH if they are atrophied. I'm not looking at your test results right now, man, but if you look earlier on I imagine on day six-ten that the lh was already fairly high, but everything else was still low.

  10. Day 33. Been off nolva since I took 4mg (2 squirts) Wednesday morning. LH 6.36mIU/ml; FSH 1.23 mIU/ml (both down). The machine is acting up and won't run testosterone or estradiol, but I would imagine that testosterone is down since LH and FSH are. Could be the discontinuation of nolva, could be because I haven't slept for **** for the past 5 nights. On a positive note my AST is down to 46 IU/L (normal 15-41). Will post again on Monday night/ Tuesday morning.

  11. supersoldier email me your address.....sorry I didn't get back to you ....sooner

  12. Outstanding. Kudo's to both SuperSoldier and Chemo. Please keep these threads bumped and clearly labeled. This is of intrest to a lot of folks I'm sure.


  13. great thread! thanks for sharing supersoldier

  14. I was wondering I had a blood test a month or so ago and my sgpt levels were 86. I think the elevation is due to my recent hard training. I am over weight but my triglycerides and sgot were ok , do you think taking a 1ad/4ad would have an impact on my levels?



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