new CYCLE please provide me with some info

  1. Question new CYCLE please provide me with some info

    Constructive criticism welcome, but no trashing please I'm not expert at this. Thanks

    Ok I'll start by saying I KNOW SOME OF THESE ARE BAD FOR MY LIVER.
    I have been lifting for quite a while, all through my years of wrestling, but now I don't wrestle anymore so there is no need to keep my weight down. This has led me to want to gain weight and introduce supplements.

    After a bit of research and use of some general nutrition knowledge, This is what I've come up with:

    Supplements I take BOTH "ON" AND "OFF":
    Whole Food Multi-Vitamin
    Fish Oils and/or Flax Oil
    Aloe Vera
    Vitamin E
    Sometimes 5-HTP for Sleep

    "ON" Cycle Supplements (about 3.5 weeks):
    CTD Decabolen and/or Tri-Bolic
    Thermolife Liver Longer
    Anabolic Innovations Life Support

    "OFF" Cycle Supplements (about 4.5 weeks):
    Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)
    3,6,17-Androstenetrione [essentially 6-oxo]
    IGF-1 Lozenges

    What do you think of these combinations? Questions, Comments, Recommendations, Ideas, anything...etc?

  2. you can know out a few birds (most of ur regular supps) with one stone (Essentials By AI) and would work great.

    i would preload NAC and Hawthorne because your BP is gunna be goin crazy as well into your liver enzymes.

    i would also substitute life support for cycle support. it contains more of what you need.

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