Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) and food cravings

  1. Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) and food cravings

    I have read that people who suffer with SAD (seasonal affect disorder) have increased carb cravings in the fall/winter ....whenever the symptoms come on.
    I have also read that increased vigorous exercise helps raise serotonin levels and decreases these cravings.

    A friend of mine couples this with a 10,000 LUX Light Box ( natural sunlight therapy)...

    does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing.....just wondering if it is that effective in cutting cravings and helping to resolve depression.

  2. I am ceratin that this does happen with SAD (funny name to me). I think though that there are many other issues at play.
    For instance the holidays and all that comes with it.
    Holidays expose people to lots of foods and sweets all the time. People bringing candies and cakes to work etc. Easy to stay away when not alwasy in your face but once confronted by it then you decide to ahve one bite and it turns into a daily habit.
    Holidays often also cause some people to feel alone. Which in turn leads to comfort eating.

    The sun light therapy seems like a great idea. I know the alarm clocks with the natural light progression works wonders with waking up.

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