Hey fellaz

First things first. I'm nearing the 3rd week of my Test E cycle. Haven't had the "kick" yet.

Anyway while i have the time i thought i'd post in some questions about a cutting cycle i'm planning w/ Clen + Cytomix (No, not cytomel - i will explain below)

There is this product that i can get with clen called Cyomix. It is essentially a T3/T4 product in one tab.

- Each tab is 80mcg and is made up of 60mcg of Liothyronine(t3) & 20mcg of levothyroxine(t4).

- Now from the source website it says to take 1-2 tabs in week 1.. 3-4 tabs week 2.. and 1-2 tabs week 3.....WTF isnt this like a killer dosage?

So the question is how on earth would be dosage be split with only the cytomix (i know all about clen)