Kilo sports M 1T?

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  1. i'm getting lethargic and some pumps on kilo's same sides i got on meso's. its acting exactly the same for me so far. sifu you get 10 more pills in kilo's and half the price

  2. I understand what you are saying about the price. I just like to do all of my ordering from powernutrition. I am just waiting for them to carry liquid clen. You might know 2g. Would that show up on a military test you think?

  3. the bottle i got from kilosports is good so far. up over 4 lbs now in 3 and a half days. all lifts have gone up.
    deadlift or DONT lift

  4. sifu not sure, i know m1t doesn't cause i got hit by a urinalys right in the middle of a 20mg cycle of m1t. liquid clen i don't know about. i really don't think they test for our test. levels. i think its more for recreational illegal drugs, coke, pot, heroin, etc...the other thing i learned is they don't test everyone who has a urine test. they pick random ones out of that to test.

  5. Well I don't think it does, a OSI agent that I worked out with told me that steroids doesn't show up in their standard test, but if they suspect you they will specifically look for it. So I don't know about Clen.

  6. You would think the military wouldn't care if its soldiers were on the juice. I would think that more aggressiveness and better conditioning would be a plus in the military.

  7. I would think so too. But I know a firefighter here at my base got busted, but it was really obvious that he was using.

  8. sifu i'm just glad i'm not taking m1t while in the military. and they worry about people falling asleep in a training class. on m1t i'd be standing up in the back of class after the first minute of class.

  9. kilo's s tuff is hitting me hard. i started a cycle log in the cycle forum. can't wait to weigh in tonight...i have a feeling 200lbs will be achieved on this cycle

  10. Hitting me hard too. But I'm using ginsenq to keep me awake. 4ad is helping too.

  11. Man the 5am shifts kick my ass. Plus I have a five month old baby at home. But either way I get more sleep than I did in Iraq.

  12. So is the general consensus that for half the price kilosports offers 10 more pills of similary quality as power nutrition

    Getting ready to make a big order here. I've had great luck with power nutrition, but can't justify spending double for less product.

  13. Well if you buy 10 bottles you only end up paying 30 a bottle. That is a damn good deal, no matter what way you look at it.

  14. i can't say the quality since i'm not done with this cycle, but so far it seems to hit me just like meso's did. appears to be just as legit so far. i'll only know after the cyle is over though for sure. its knocking me right on my ass though. i just woke up

  15. Originally posted by sifu
    Well if you buy 10 bottles you only end up paying 30 a bottle. That is a damn good deal, no matter what way you look at it.
    Right, but that bottle only contains 60 pills of 5mg as opposed to kilo selling 90 pills of 10mg, correct?

  16. I have worse lethargy on 10mg than 20mg, what the hell? I have no idea why.

  17. I don't really know what kilo is selling it at. I do all of my business with legal gear or powernutrition. Personal preference is all, plus I know they are from the same batch. Either way, do what works for you, and with who you trust. But in my job I have to watch out for the impuruties of the ilegal kind.

  18. yes kilo is 10mg at 90 pills

    sifu i won't tell you what i'm taking right now for doseage...but i'm off to go weigh in right now and i know i'm up in weight even on day 3


  19. If you say 10mg I will hunt you down. You know us PJ's are crazy, of course so are the SERE guys. But tell me after you weigh in.

  20. OK you guys have convinced me I just orderd mine.
    Cycle will be M1 10mg ED and satur8 mad protien and
    rest. curently 6 1" 213lbs I hope the sides don't hit me to hard
    I didn't have any with T1-pro except that 7 pounds I still have.

  21. 3 more days till I order mine. Military drug tests are a joke. They dont test all of the samples they collect for one. And they will not test for anabolics unless they have a tip. So if you dont go running your mouth to your buddies you will be ok. We used to run down to Mexico all the time and bring gear back. **** I wasn't scared at all. I would go every other weekend. Helped supplement the ****ty Army pay anyway.
    We'll see how good this M1T works. I hope it works as good as people claim.

  22. Is everyone in here in the service?
    <<<AIM HIGH

  23. i guess the service and lifting go hand in hand too much free cash flow...might as well buy supplements ya know

  24. Lot of muscleheads in the service. I was a lot smaller then though. Going to Kuwait relly killed my build. I went from about 175 to 145 in 6 months. Took a year to get it back. Then I broke my neck motocrossing. Really slowed down the metabolism. So I balooned up. Now I am pretty big. Heaviest I have been is like 245/250. I am currently 225. Need to cut but want to add more mass first.
    Oh yeah, ex-Infantry if anyone cares

  25. Ex-Navy Nuc Mechanic
    I was 205 while I was in but Balloned to 275 after getting out. I'm down to 230 and still dropping.

  26. Ship or sub., bmorefat?

  27. Was 11Bravo

    2nd Inf 3rd Bde. 1986-1993...



  28. from m1t to a service thread, nice

    anyone ever tired a diet on mre's to bulk up? j/k

  29. mre's suck!!!

    11c here 95-99 Ft. Hood and Ft. Benning


  30. Originally posted by bmorefat
    Ex-Navy Nuc Mechanic
    I was 205 while I was in but Balloned to 275 after getting out. I'm down to 230 and still dropping.
    Draw the main feed system and get me a coke!


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