Kilo sports M 1T?

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  1. 3 more days till I order mine. Military drug tests are a joke. They dont test all of the samples they collect for one. And they will not test for anabolics unless they have a tip. So if you dont go running your mouth to your buddies you will be ok. We used to run down to Mexico all the time and bring gear back. **** I wasn't scared at all. I would go every other weekend. Helped supplement the ****ty Army pay anyway.
    We'll see how good this M1T works. I hope it works as good as people claim.

  2. Is everyone in here in the service?
    <<<AIM HIGH

  3. i guess the service and lifting go hand in hand too much free cash flow...might as well buy supplements ya know

  4. Lot of muscleheads in the service. I was a lot smaller then though. Going to Kuwait relly killed my build. I went from about 175 to 145 in 6 months. Took a year to get it back. Then I broke my neck motocrossing. Really slowed down the metabolism. So I balooned up. Now I am pretty big. Heaviest I have been is like 245/250. I am currently 225. Need to cut but want to add more mass first.
    Oh yeah, ex-Infantry if anyone cares

  5. Ex-Navy Nuc Mechanic
    I was 205 while I was in but Balloned to 275 after getting out. I'm down to 230 and still dropping.

  6. Ship or sub., bmorefat?

  7. Was 11Bravo

    2nd Inf 3rd Bde. 1986-1993...



  8. from m1t to a service thread, nice

    anyone ever tired a diet on mre's to bulk up? j/k

  9. mre's suck!!!

    11c here 95-99 Ft. Hood and Ft. Benning


  10. Originally posted by bmorefat
    Ex-Navy Nuc Mechanic
    I was 205 while I was in but Balloned to 275 after getting out. I'm down to 230 and still dropping.
    Draw the main feed system and get me a coke!

  11. I worked on PATRIOT for 5 years. We actually had a nice gym in Saudi, but then again it was a cushy Air Force Base...

    Trade you my Ham slice for your "grilled" chicken MRE (with real fake grill marks)

    Oh yeah...M-1-T thread....
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  12. pay you 5 to take this thing that somewhat looks like an egg patty?

  13. Originally posted by Sir Foxx
    Ship or sub., bmorefat?
    CVN-65 the ****ty ass Enterprise

  14. Where I work, a couple of my fellow HP techs were HP techs on the Enterprise. They said it was held together by its paint I thought it was cool that it had 4 nuclear reactors on it but they said only 2 are used.

  15. Glad to have a military presence here...

    And if I rip any of you, call you an idiot, moron, **** for brains, etc...just remind me your in the military....and I'll delete it.
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  16. lol bobo, did i ever tell you that clown face of your might look good swinging from my third leg?

  17. The Ent. is a true trial-by-fire for a Nuc right out of reactor school. The 125degree temps dropped me from 201 to 170 on my first cruise. My mother didn't even recognize me when she came to pick me up at the airport after only 7 months.


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