post cycle problems

  1. post cycle problems

    I finished up 3 weeks of 1-test(moderate dosing).. was planning on 4 weeks but was called for an emergency trip for work and had to cut short.. im taking 6-OXO ad zma post cycle.. my problem is when I was on 1-test I couldnt think of anything but lifting.. i couldnt wait to lift.. also my appetite was up and I was eating plenty.. now off cycle I have almost no appetite and no urge to lift at all.. i try taking some ephedra before lifting to get some energy but it doesnt help much... anyone know anything I can take or do to help me out?

  2. Is it a lethargy issue or is it a mental motivation issue? Im assuming its mental since you took ephedrine and still dont have the desire to lift. Another reason why I think it's mental is because Im the same way. After a nice cycle where I was eating like a horse and I was lifting heavy and getting noticeably bigger....after cycle I almost feel dependant on gear which isnt good. You feel like without the gear or PH you're not gaining as much or at all so its not worth it. But you really are. A lot of guys gain a load post cycle. Try some b 12 to help your appetite and just take it slow, its important you keep your calories up post cycle to reatin gains and even keep them coming.

  3. Very good point Yj. I am the same way after i come off. Its a mental thing. you think your loosing weight and losing muscle if your not on so your desire goes down. All I have to say is suck it up and start planning the next one. hehehehe. Talk to ya...

    PS How were the results....
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  4. I always drop my calories by a 1000 and i maintain ALL of my real muscle gains. All the rest i lose(about 1/3 of my lbm gains even with 6-OXO after a few weeks) is water and glycogen loss.

    You want my opinion???

    Most gains peoplethink they lose are just losing glycogen and water.

    In fact my vert first cycle was a very high dose 5 week 1-test and then atthe end 4-AD cycle added in, mynuts were markedly shrunk and post cycle for 5-6 weeks i maintained 2/3 of my lbm gains even with a drastic drop in calories NO ECA STACK and NO 6-OXO. I went back on another cycle so i cant tell you what the long term loss would have been since i wasn't totally recovered since there was no 6-OXO but now that i take 6-OXO its not a worry like that anymore. Now im not so wreckless but i think the key to maintaining gains is getting adequate protein, reducing volume but still giving it your all, and trying to eat a modest amount of calories, and eating every 3 hours, and making sure your getting in plenty of flax and fat and plenty of zinc AND VITAIMIN C. Glutmaine may also help since this is a highly catabolic time but IM NOT SURE.

    6-OXO and eca stack are highly recommended and are a must in certain cases.
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  5. ephedra kills my appetite.

  6. Originally posted by CROWLER
    ephedra kills my appetite.
    Good point, maybe dropping the ephedrine with help with increasing your appetite.

  7. Being OFF kills my appetite regardless,so therefore i use eca stack regardlessto help maintain strength which preservesmuscle indirectly,and also preserve muscle due to its supposed anti-catabolic properties.

  8. Glad to see that i'm not the only one to motivation probs off cycle.
    At times for me,especially near the end of off cycle,it is really hard to get up for a workout. But some ECA's and the thought of getting bigger seems to do the trick for me.

  9. It is a force yourself thing if you want to keep the gains. I always take a week off right after the cycle, then focus on hitting it hard.

    AAS and PH do hit the CNS pretty good, and I believe in giving it a break right after the cycle.

  10. Originally posted by Sanosuke
    I now off cycle I have almost no appetite and no urge to lift at all
    I usually start a creatine cycle coming off a PH cycle. I also try to stay away from appetite supressing meals (i.e. pasta, breads, simple sugars). High protein and low glycemic complex carb sources seem to keep me hungry. Get a lifting partner to keep you going to the gym.

  11. ive tried creatine several times and never got any benefits from it so i dont use it anymore.. also i work out at home so i dont have a partner to work out with..

  12. Originally posted by Sanosuke
    ive tried creatine several times and never got any benefits from it
    There's a good pubication on using creatine effectively by Dr. Michael Colgan. I have it and it works for me. You have to use it correctly.

    The book is $3.99 but it's a great resource.

    click on publications at the upper left of the page.

    He also has nutritional books which may help you.

    Also IMO working out at home can't compare with the gym. To many distractions at home. When you go to the gym you put yourself in an environment condusive to working out. Throw in few good looking babes and you'll be motivated. I used to have a complete home gym. And its nice not to have to wait for any equipment.

    I know though, when I'm not motivated to workout, once I'm at the gym I'll push myself. At home I'd just watch the tube and veg.


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