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  1. At first the sleep can be a problem--but as your body adjusts to it--it will improve to a degree, though it may effect the depth of sleep that you experience. After I had been on it for a while, I could fall asleep within a few hours of taking it--or if i was tired enough, right after taking it. It takes a while for your system to adjust to the different levels of neurotransmitters in your system--eventually receptors will adjust by up and down regulation and things will even-out to some extent.

    The period when first starting on it is tricky as you don't really know what to expect, i.e., what is normal or what you should be feeling--and it may be new mental/emotional territory (you may feel different, and some feelings may be intensified). Once you get to know the drug better and your system adjusts to it, much of the side effects diminish. I eventually figured-out that I had to take it before a certain time of day (take the second dose before 1:00pm) if I wanted to be able to get to sleep before midnight. I had much better control over it because I was taking the 10mg tabs and I could break them in half and titrate my dosage with much more precision than you can with a once-per day 30mg extended release capsule. I'd recommend going back to your doc and asking for the 10mg tabs. 30mg is a very high dose to start someone on who has never taken the med before. As a last resort, you might want to open-up the capsule and divide the pellets/powder (whatever it is that is inside) into 2 or 3 approximately equal piles--and try taking 1/3 of the contents and see how that works, if the dose is too low, then increase it to 1/2 cap, etc.

    Good luck with it.

  2. I wonder if adderall does the same permanent damage to the brain as meth does?

  3. methamphetamine is different from amphetamine (differs by a methyl group). the two are subjectively different in their effects, though they do share some similarities, adderall does not have a lot of the weirdness that meth does. theraputic dosages of adderall are MUCH smaller than what is used by meth-heads, and remains fairly constant over the course of treatment--whereas meth-heads are increasing their dosage and developing tollerance, and often smoking or shooting it--which toasts the receptors and can destroy domamine stem cells. adderall, in the normal theraputic dosage range (around 5-60mg/day) would not be expected to have any of these effects.. main side effect will be weight-loss, nervousness, sleeplessness, etc--and these can be minimized by reducing the dosage to the lowest effective dose.

  4. Originally posted by Craig
    [B]--which toasts the receptors and can destroy domamine stem cells. adderall, in the normal theraputic dosage range (around 5-60mg/day) would not be expected to have any of these effects/B]

    so you do not become resistant to adderall??

    In the past I have become resistant to phentermine....came off of it for about 6 months and it worked again.

  5. once i got settled in on a dose, i never developed a tollerance. i had asked my doc if i would develop tollerance and he told me that it is not common to develop tollerance to the drug in the theraputic dosage range being used. if you continually up your dose, then lower-doses may not be effective--but if you keep the dosage low, you probably won't run into any tollerance issues. just be sure that you stick to low dosages.

    after being on it for some time, i was worried about going off of it, after i had used it pretty-much daily for around 3 years. i was able to go off of it without any problem (no withdrawl). i thought that it would be a lot harder than it was to go off. i think the whole addiction model really comes with high dosages, and increasing the dose regularly.

  6. Heres my first post...guess its just a coincidence that I'm on the stuff right now. Craig knows what he's talking about- take just enough to get that little grasp on focus. The first time I ever took the stuff a buddy gave me 2 30mg pills...might has well have been extacty. I was tweaked and talking for 4 hours straight. I guess the ADHD in me atleast let me calm down enough to sleep when I got home. I pretty much cheated and slept through high school...and I didn't know it till after I graduated but I guess it was an attention thing. I take 10mg of AD when I can get it, and usualy take .5mg of xannex a few hours later to even things out. It probably sounds like I'm speed balling like an idiot but its just to get rid of the nervousness....probably still lingering around from the 3 years of ephedrine use. I'll post again later, I know alot of kids that abuse the shxt...but using it right its made all the diferance in the world on my training. On a side note....anyone notice that Adderal doesn't work nearly as well after a cycle? I used to love the stuff but after some Sust it doesn't work quite the same, and Ridilin seems to be a better answer.


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