what happened to Legal Gear?

  1. what happened to Legal Gear?

    Anyone know?

  2. bump I was wondering to

  3. Apparently, they are revising their site.

  4. I guess the site is down for construction. There is a link to a new legalgear forum though.

  5. Theyve started there own forum now. I hope its not cause of all the debate about M1t and ****. I also hope they run it like this one and dont delete posts that contain comments on there products. Eric's definitly a good guy and all but this is starting to make me wonder if everything is getting to him. He needs a vacation.

    Good luck E,


  6. so its not legal trouble good

    I was a little worried I WOULDNT GET TO STOCK UP ON M1T

  7. I know that they got hosed by international credit card fraud. That sucks (trust me I know), so that probably put the brakes on their operation for a while.



    We sell the Legal Gear prodcuts on our site if you need any.  We are also running a special on the M1T.





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  8. What happened?

  9. No I meant what happened with the international credit card fraud? Does anybody know? Enlighten me.

  10. There new site seems to be up for the most part. Check it out. Looks pretty cool. new labels are nice too.

  11. im not noticing any M1T on the new site

  12. They are probably out of stock. The same thing happened at powernutrition and it turned out that they were out of stock. If that is the case they should keep the link and say "out of stock"

  13. gotcha...are you talkin about powernutrition's stock of M1T??

    I got their "members" email today that they will now be carrying 3 kinds of M1TMeso Labs M-1-T
    10 mg x 80 tablets

    AMT M-1-T (available soon)
    5 mg x 60 tablets

    R.G. Nutrition M-1-T (available soon)
    10 mg x 90 capsules


  14. Kmac! What's the deal, brother!

  15. Hey whats up---I've been eatting and training like its goin outta style lol...hows business goin these days??

  16. Aw, same ol' you know.. Stop by to shoot the **** anytime, it's never really mad busy..


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