help with pheramax/ sd bridge cycle

  1. help with pheramax/ sd bridge cycle

    my next cycle in 2-4 weeks will be consition of pheramax for 4 wks and SD for 4 weeks i got the dosages and everything i recently found out PM is not the same as PP thought it is inbetween ergo and PP, so my question is can i still bridge PM and SD? and what would be the doseage on this 7-8wk cycle?

  2. SOn you really need more research. For starters superdrol is run for 3 weeks and if you were to run this stack you would run the superdrol first cos it is the stronger compound. Read alot more befor you do a cycle.

  3. age weight height bodyfat years lifting previous steroids etc!!!!!

    Then we can talk

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