MDrol facts

  1. MDrol facts

    Im 21 and have already taken a cycle of m drol by CEL and i loved it i am goin to take another cycle this winter is it cool to stack it with ecdysterone?

  2. Hahahahahaha

  3. yikes, these people wonder why the government ends up banning everything

  4. no these people wonder why u cant answer a simple question ive looked around for the answer but i cant find it anywhere and i though id give this a try...

  5. if you did not run nolva and a proper pct along with liver sups during your cycle then do yourself a favor not using mdrol again

    if you did then to answer your question you could use ecdysterone oncycle, but it does not mess with hpta axis so why not use it for pct to help reserve muscle. i think ecdysterone is even more crap that no2 products and muscletech so i would stear clear. go with usplabs/nimbus nutrition/ rpn/ anabolic innovations

    this board is really good for questions but you have to do your own research and ask specific questions

    i say:
    i am 6'5, 245lbs, 7% BF
    my lifting experience, general diet, and supplement history is

  6. You shouldn't be running such powerful steroids(or any for that matter) if you don't know the answer to this.

    Sorry man, do some research.

  7. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the OP is someone under 21 who already got a thread removed in this section so he registered a new name to 'start fresh'

  8. No this is my first time using this site so i appreciate the honesty as well as the advice, when i took the first cycle of mdrol i was on milkthistle, pct, proper diet omegas ect...

  9. you were on pct??? wtf does that mean lol

  10. Hey BlankFace28, everybody wants you to lay out what you are doing and your stats:

    Body fat

    Your Lifting program

    your diet broken down by meals

    your current supplements

    your previous cycle including doses

    name of the drug you used for PCT/doses

    give that a shot and you will get better answers as to what you need to do for your upcoming cycle. Best of luck.


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